Virtual Office Strategies Help Attract Los Angeles Employees

Here at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, we take pleasure in seeing companies large and small adopt alternative workplace strategies. The latest example we found of a company that is offering telecommuting options at a high level is VACO Los Angeles.

VACO is a consulting and executive search firm. The company specializes in finding talent in the accounting, finance and technology industries—and it’s known for its alternative workplace strategies.

Indeed, Best Companies Group just named VACO the Best Place to Work. And it’s no fluke. VACO has won this top award for two of the last three years. What does that say to Davinci Virtual Office Solutions? Just that VACO has an exceptional culture of work-life balance. Given that we have our own culture fairy around here, we can certainly appreciate what VACO is doing to make a name for itself among virtual workers in Los Angeles.

"Attracting the best, most loyal and accomplished employees requires great commitment on the part of employers,” says Frances Moreno, managing partner at VACO. “We strive to create a culture and environment of collaboration where people can thrive.”

The 2011 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles is described as an annual celebration of companies that have proven that they know what it takes to create environments where people love to come to work. A virtual office solution can play a key role in creating such an environment. Virtual office solutions allow telecommuting employees and mobile workers to workshift. Workshifting is one of the hottest trends in the workforce today because it offers employees the ultimate flexibility.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers plenty of virtual office locations in Los Angeles. In fact, Davinci has 15 Los Angeles virtual offices. Here are a few:

  • Los Angeles Union Bank Business Center

  • Los Angeles AT&T Business Center

  • MGM Tower Executive Center

  • Westwood Tower Business Center

  • Howard Hughes Business Center

So if you are ready to be the next Los Angeles company on the best places to work list, consider alternative workplace strategies like telecommuting, workshifting and virtual offices. And be sure to hook up with a reputable virtual office solutions provider.


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