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Why Does Location Matter for a Business? [5 Reasons]

For home buyers, the old adage, “Location is king,” is a controlling tenet. If you’re shopping for a home, you want to look for a home in a location with great schools, low crime rates, and short commutes to work and shopping. In the past, businesses looking for locations followed a parallel principle: You wanted a fixed office in a location that garnered a positive business impression. A location in an area where other successful businesses was typically where you started your search.

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Can You Run a Business from Home? [Yes, and Here's What You Need]

Many new businesses that are started each year aspire to be the next billion dollar business. This past year, a record number of businesses were started—5.4 million (20% more than any previous year on record). And while 2022 numbers are a bit lower due to economic headwinds, down 11% compared to the same quarters in 2021, they are still higher than pre-pandemic levels; 23% higher as compared to 2019. 

Some of these businesses have numerous employees, while others are run by solopreneurs. Some may start with the assumption that they need a permanent, fixed office space. But many weigh their options and are electing to run their businesses from coworking space, day offices, home offices, or a combination of the above. Permanent office space is expensive and lacks the flexibility small businesses require. 

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How to Connect your Business to the World? Elevating your Communication

Every company engages in business communication, whether they realize it or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand is a small third-party logistics company handling another business’s shipping services or a large marketing firm, your brand definitely makes use of business communication. In a nutshell, business communication occurs any time a representative of a business relays information to another representative of that business, a representative of another business, potential consumers, or any other party on behalf of the business. 

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3 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Benefit Your At-Home Salon


Running an at-home salon can be very challenging. Whether you are doing it all by yourself or you have a small team of people, the fact is that there are plenty of things to take care of to keep things running smoothly. 

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Do You Need a Physical Address For Your Business? Here's What to Know

Solopreneurs and small businesses were already abandoning long-term, physical office space before the pandemic. This trend only accelerated with the pandemic, and there is no sign it will abate now that the economy and businesses are fully open. Some opted for fully remote home offices, while other have embraced hybrid models leveraging coworking spaces and day offices like those from Davinci Meeting Rooms. 

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