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How Can a Virtual Receptionist Help a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing agencies work at a fast pace. They're worried about algorithms, ad revenue, driving traffic, SEO, PPC, marketing, advertising, web design and more. They often don't have capacity to deal with incoming inquiries, client support and making appointments. But for many, hiring a full-time administrator is out of reach. This is where a virtual receptionist comes in.

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How Skills Cultivated in Online School Can Transfer to a Remote Work Environment

The coronavirus pandemic led to millions of students learning from home. Some children found this to be a blessing in disguise and thrive in a remote schooling environment. For many others, though, the entire affair was defined by stress, inefficiency, isolation, and a whole slew of other challenges.

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What is the Difference Between an Auto Attendant & an Auto Receptionist?

An auto attendant or automated attendant is a voice menu system that allows all incoming calls to be transferred to any extension without going through a live receptionist. Auto attendants are a very common feature of contact centers, where they are used to route calls to the proper customer service agents which can help make the whole process more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

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5 Leadership Tips for the Hybrid Workplace

If you’re facing a hybrid work model in the future, use these five tips to make a successful and effective transition. 

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6 Pandemic Innovations You Can Leverage Even Once Live Events Return

The coronavirus pandemic turned our world upside down and we all had to adapt quickly. In-person seminars shifted online, networking events were canceled, and most of us became a lot more familiar with working remotely. But now that things are slowly opening back up and live events are on the horizon, what pandemic innovations will still be useful?

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