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Ways to Know if you Have Outgrown Your eCommerce Platform

Considering your eCommerce platform is the primary connection between you and your customers, relying on the right eCommerce platform is critical. Many digitally reliant businesses find that as they grow, their eCommerce platform struggles to keep up. If you are finding yourself held up by platform restrictions, ongoing maintenance or issues integrating with third-party software, you might have outgrown your eCommerce platform.

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How To Maintain A Sense Of Motivation In A Virtual Office Setting

Motivation has been a central focus of business management since the industrial revolution. Theories such as Vroom’s Expectancy, Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, or Herzberg’s two-factor theory have for long been debated. With no consensus in the offing, remote working has become the norm as entities adopt agility strategies to remain competitive. Hence, you need to adopt a complete virtual office setting for your business without losing sight of the importance of fostering a sense of motivation in your team. Although some of the theories of motivation may be effective, you can devise a pragmatic approach that suits your circumstances. To get started, here are some effective techniques that you can adopt.

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What’s the Difference Between Working Remotely and Telecommuting?

Understanding the differences between remote work and telecommuting is an important nuance. Many organizations—and even workers—view the two as synonymous. But is that really the case? 

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Designing a Cohesive and Productive Remote Work Space

Remote work is the order of business in the post-pandemic world. From settling in at a coffee shop to working from home to signing up for a cowork space, everyone is figuring out how to stay happy, healthy, and productive as a remote worker.

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4 Ways New Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most of Their Financial Resources

Every small business owner knows achieving professional goals entails some degree of financial risk. Whether you are backing your growing company with your own funds or with a loan, the consequences of a slow start can be severe. If you have experienced financial difficulties in the past or have concerns about managing your company's resources going forward, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions gives you four tips that may benefit you and your business.

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