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How a Virtual Assistant Can Fully Replace Your Office Secretary

Office secretaries can be a substantial overhead for a small business. The average hourly rate for a secretary runs nearly $20—and this does not include benefits (which typically come to about one-third of the annual monies paid to an employee. Suddenly, a small business is looking at $35,000 or more for an office secretary. 

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Why You Should Start Your Business Out of a Virtual Office Instead of Your Garage

So you want to emulate your entrepreneur heroes and start your billion dollar business right from your garage? After all, there are a lot of examples of companies that have had that same humble start and are now on top of their game. Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Mattel, even Disney, all started from a garage. 


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6 Practices That Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger

When you're a small company, it's very easy to feel small. And if you feel small, you're more likely to take small risks, have little goals, and aim at reasonably low targets. But it’s not necessary to stay small!

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How to Increase Your Business Footprint with a Virtual Office

Running a small business requires time and money. Every entrepreneur knows this well—probably too well. Research data proves out the point. A Gallup study found that 39 percent of small business owners work over 60 hours a week, and many log hours over the weekend and skip vacations.

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