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Unified Communications and the Virtual Office, Part 1

Unified communications and the virtual office go hand in hand.

So what is unified communications? Microsoft defines unified communications as a systems-based approach to unifying telephony, instant messaging, presence, and Web conferencing—and the growth is astonishing.

According to a new study from International Data Corporation (IDC), the unified communications market... Read more

New Orleans Virtual Office Space Complete with Opportunity

When you think of New Orleans, you probably still think of Hurricane Katrina. But New Orleans’ government officials have made major headway in rebuilding business since then. and virtual office space can help you tap into the new opportunities, even from afar.

New Orleans’ target sectors include advanced manufacturing, creative and digital media, energy, petrochemicals and plas... Read more

Fortune’s Best Companies Offer Telecommuting Options

Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work for in 2011” offers a not-so-surprising trend; not-so-surprising if you’ve been following the rise of virtual office space.

Eighty-two percent of companies in the top 100 offer telecommuting options. Within that 82 percent, 10 companies stand out as having the highest percentage of regular telecommuters. A regular telecommu... Read more

Why You Should Ask About Virtual Offices in Your Next Job Interview

Before a big interview, most job seekers prepare for what questions they’ll be asked—but far too many fail to consider what they’ll say when the tables are turned.

Asking smart questions during a job interview is a golden opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, impress a hiring manager, and ultimately increase your chances of landing the job—and maybe a job with telecommuting opportunities from a Read more

Survey Points to Virtual Offices as Employee Recruiting, Retention Tool

Are you concerned about keeping your top performers and attracting new ones this year? Why not try sweetening the pot with non-monetary benefits that won’t break the bank? How about a virtual office?

When CFOs were asked about the perks they plan to offer or are already offering, subsidized training and education topped the list at 29 percent, followed by flexible schedules or t... Read more


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