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Survey: Office Workers, Bosses Want Virtual Offices

TORONTO—While many employees are seeking flexible work arrangements—such as telecommuting from a virtual office space—not all of their bosses believe they work as efficiently when they are working outside the office. So says a Microsoft Canada survey.

Microsoft Canada announced the results of its Flexible Workspaces survey, a study that reveals the workstyle pre...

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Do Women Use Virtual Office Space More Than Men?

BOSTON—Women work longer days and report working more often on vacation than their male counterparts. Yet, women also report greater perceived satisfaction with their compensation. So says the FIT’s first Report on Workplace Culture.

Let’s drill into the numbers and look at how virtual office space might ultimately help the cause. Although the majority of respon... Read more

Virtual Offices Solve Multiple Problems in Evolving Workforce

LOS ANGELES— Nearly half (47 percent) of Americans are re-evaluating their occupations. So says a study from Bellevue University. One in four Americans say they are re-thinking their occupation because few jobs exist in their declining industry.

The survey also revealed that, with money tight, Americans who have been out of the workforce for several years have decided to go back to work to supplement the family income. W... Read more

Workplace Stress Hinders Productivity, But Virtual Offices Can Help

CHICAGO—More than half of employees say workplace stress makes it difficult to focus on tasks. So says a survey by ComPsych Corporation. Could a virtual office space help? I strongly believe so, but let’s first dive in to the rest of the study.

Beyond the 56 percent who report difficulty focusing on tasks, another 21 percent say stress causes them to commit erro... Read more

How to Engage Virtual Office Employees

NEW YORK--Do you have virtual office employees? Are you a virtual office employee? Either way, listen up. There are some interesting insights from a new study about engaging virtual office employees that you don’t want to miss.

The Forum: Business Results Through People just released a study called “Engaging Virtual Employees—Innovative Approaches to Fostering C... Read more


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