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Can Virtual Assistants Really Drive Up Your Productivity?

NEW YORK-Whether you are a mobile worker, a busy entrepreneur or a corporate executive—if your schedule is packed from early morning until after the sun goes down—you could benefit from a virtual assistant. Indeed, you can drive up your productivity—and maybe your profits—if you aren’t burdened with mundane tasks.

Much li...

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Could the Virtual Office Be Standard by 2020?

NEW YORK-We’ve been talking about the workplace of the future and how virtual offices fit into that mix. Citrix just rolled out a Workplace of the Future report that reveals 29 percent of people will no longer work from a traditional office by 2020. That means more flexible work options will abound, including virtual offices.

Indeed, employees will base themselves from various semi-permanent locations including the home ... Read more

Workplace of the Future Includes New York Virtual Offices

NEW YORK—Organizations will reduce office space by 17 percent by 2020 as alternative workplace strategies like virtual office space continue to gain momentum. So says a new study from Citrix.

Whether you work in New York, LA, Sydney or somewhere else, the workplace of the future will provide just seven desks for every 10 office workers. Each person will access the corporate IT network from an average of six different com... Read more

Can Virtual Offices Curb New York Job Hoppers?

NYC—More than half of participants in a Kelly Global Workforce Index survey believe that it’s more important to change employers than remain with their existing employer in order to develop their skills and advance their careers. Could virtual offices help retain the best and brightest workers?

In spite of the lingering uncertainty in the economy, 69 percent of respondents say that if they did change jobs, they would be ... Read more

Sydney Virtual Offices Gain Momentum in CBD

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—Sydney is a vibrant, dynamic, and accessible city waiting to be explored. So says the City of Sydney’s web site. But it’s not just marketing hype—and it’s not just for tourists. There’s big business going on in Sydney.

There are more than 17.5 million square meters of built form within the Central Business District of Sydney and Ultimo-Pyrmont. More than 5.4 million square meters of internal floor area ...

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