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Get Closer to Manhattan with a White Plains Virtual Office

White Plains is more than a strategic location for your business—it’s a cost-effective one.

Think about it. White Plains is just 25 miles north of Manhattan. This and other features makes White Plains one of the top suburban office markets in the nation. When you set up shop in White Plaines, you’re in a gateway city to both New York and New England, as well as other northeastern cities. And you are less than one hour away from four majo...

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Does Your Virtual Office Provider Keep Your Information Secure?

Did you know that about one in five (19 percent) employees globally said they have noticed strangers looking at their computer screens in public, while an additional 19 percent admitted that they never think to check their surroundings?

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Will Businesses Turn to Virtual Office Space?

As we continue to explore the Cisco Connected World Report and how virtual offices fit into alternative workplace strategies in corporate America, consider these additional findings. When  you do, you’ll begin to see the value of a secure, trusted virtual office provider.

For example, the survey shows that almost half of the IT respondents (45 percent) s...

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Will the Office Become Extinct? Long Live Virtual Offices.

Is the office going the way of the dinosaur?

According to the Cisco Connected World Report, traditional office space seems to be making room to alternative workplace strategies. The survey reveals plenty about the state of officing today. The results lead me to consider how virtual office space fits into alternative workplace strategies in corporate Amer...

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Who Needs an Office? A Virtual Office Will Do.

Cisco just released an intriguing international workplace study. The tech industry giant reveals three of five workers around the world believe that they do not need to be in the office anymore to be productive.

In fact, their desire to be mobile and flexible in accessing corporate information is so strong that the same percentage of workers would choose jobs that were lower-paying but had leniency in accessing information outside of the...

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