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The ‘Virtual Office 2.0’ Decade Ready To Blast-Off In 2017

Now things are really getting interesting on the Virtual Office front for 2017. Ten years ago, a Virtual Office was often the lower-risk business launching measure one would make -- a way for hedging one’s bets on a shoe string budget, while keeping their expenses and exposure low. In many instances, by people in transition during the turbulent downturn of the economic recession.

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How Virtual Assistants Can Help You Drive More Profits Now

We’re heading into a new year, and that means it’s time to reassess your business practices. It’s time to stop doing what’s not working and start doing more of what is working. It’s also the time to consider new strategies, tactics and tools to help you work smarter, faster, more efficiently—and more profitably.

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5 Trends from 2016 That Are Shaping and Transforming Customer Service

This past year was full of exciting developments when it comes to customer service. Technology continues to be a critical enabler in the process, though many concurrently argue that the human component cannot be detached from the customer experience.

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FROM CORNER OFFICE TO HOME OFFICE: Shifting Your Business from Downtown to Down the Hall

The cool morning breeze swirls through the half-rolled windows. The over sweetened mug of coffee steams in the cup holder. The hum of talk radio ambiently perks up your senses preparing you for bustle and buzz of working in the city office. 

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