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How To Manage Your Rapidly Growing Team [Hybrid & Virtually]

How businesses operate changed dramatically—almost overnight—during the pandemic. The biggest changes occurred to the white-collar workforce, where most went from working in assigned workspaces to work from home. Two years later, many of those professionals are still working from home. As vaccines became widely available and a large percentage of the workforce was vaccinated, some businesses elected to have their employees begin returning to the corporate offices last summer. But as the omicron variant became widespread last fall, many of those businesses elected to close their offices when fully vaccinated workers began to test positive.

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How to Increase Collaboration in Remote Teams

It has become clear that remote teams are a firm part of the contemporary business landscape. For many companies, this approach has become more than a mere stopgap to cope with the pandemic. Rather, it’s proven to hold a range of benefits for everyone involved. Companies gain from lower overheads and increased productivity. While employees can minimize their commute and achieve a good work-life balance. 

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Who Uses Virtual Offices? [6 Types of People & Businesses Who Benefit]

While growth rates for virtual offices slowed during the pandemic, they are revving back up and positioned to continue climbing to new heights. Coworking space, for example, is predicted to sustain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% through 2025. Other virtual office components like rented day offices and meeting rooms will also see similar growth trajectories.

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4 Personal Qualities You Need to Have for a Successful Business

It’s not always about the money or the people you have to support your business, but about you. If you lack some crucial entrepreneurial qualities, it might lead your company to its downfall.

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Reasons each full time photographer needs a virtual assistant

More and more professional photographers are wondering how to optimize routine work in the face of a shortage of personnel? What benefits can be obtained from modern business tools? High-tech solutions make life easier for entrepreneurs around the world. It also applies to our country. Today it has already firmly entered the funnel of modern European trends. Thus, a virtual assistant for photographers is one of the best ideas photographers can come up with.

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