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Everything you expect from a modern business address. Everything, that is, except the big price tag. First impressions matter. And a great virtual office with a real mailing address goes a long way toward saying you’re serious about your business

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What Is a Virtual Business Address?

It’s not just real estate that’s all about location, location, and location. In many industries, the location of your business matters as well. Sometimes the difference between being seen as a serious competitor in a market or a startup with little value can be the address your company calls home. With a Davinci virtual office address, you are able to move past using your apartment or garage as your business address and instead put your company in the heart of a major city—and be taken more seriously.

Image matters, and in a small business a successful progressive image from something as simple as your company’s address can be a major attractor to new clients that will help you continue to grow and expand. Your professional address says a lot about your company. A big advantage of a virtual office is the ability to have a street address on Broadway or Hollywood Boulevard, which can change how attractive your company is to new clients.

Your virtual business address might be at the heart of your industry, but you don’t have to be. Your virtual office can include a mail forwarding system. Any mail that gets sent to your virtual office will be forwarded to you in a different city, state, or country.

Davinci virtual office takes it one step further than providing you with a new address. Your company’s name can appear as part of the building’s lobby directory. That means your company name can grace the directory of legendary buildings like the Rockefeller Center. A virtual office address for your business gives you the chance to jump-start your company and surround yourself with industry giants.

Professional Business Address

A Professional Business Address

In today's global economy and online marketplace, it is vital that you establish your business at the right locations. Davinci is the number one provider of virtual office solutions with over 5,500 business locations around the world.

Davinci virtual office locations provide you with an impressive business address, mail forwarding services, lobby directory listings, access to fully equipped meeting spaces, and a wide variety of cutting-edge business services. Use your address for business licensing or registration and market your new company address on search engines and internet directories.

Finally, you’ll no longer have to inundate your home address with business mail. You’ll be able to look more professional for current and prospective clients. Sign up for a Davinci business address and give your business the image it deserves in about 15 minutes.

What Is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is an address your business can use without having to lease office space or be located at a physical office location. Your virtual address helps you cultivate a professional image for clients and investors.

Rather than being located at your home, your business has a professional address and can even be in the heart of your industry. A virtual business address also helps keep your home address and personal information off websites and business contacts to ensure your privacy.

What Is the Purpose of a Virtual Business Address?

A business’ location matters, because it says a lot about them. A financial company based on Wall Street or a fashion company on Champs-Élysées appear to be more established and professional than running out of an apartment. A virtual business address provides your company with a professional address without forcing you to pay top dollar for a leased office space.

A virtual business address also provides a layer of privacy. Using your personal information like your home address as your company’s address can flood your home with unwanted solicitations. There is no separation between your work and your home, which can make your life a bit more stressful because you can never take a break from your business.

Should I Get a Virtual Address for My Business?

If your business does not have a dedicated office space and you are working remotely or out of someone’s home, yes, you should get a virtual business address. A virtual address helps elevate your company by helping it look more professional for current and prospective clients.

Do I Need a Physical Address for My Business?

Yes, a physical address is required for all businesses. As part of establishing a business, you must register with the federal (and sometimes state) government. This includes submitting your business’ address. Because virtual addresses are physical locations, virtual addresses may be used when registering your business with the government.

What Is the Difference Between a Business Address and a Registered Address?

A registered address is a legal address required by law. It is the point of contact for your business to ensure that any letters or formal legal notices from the government can be reliably sent to you. Technically, a registered address does not have to be a commercial location or your residential address. However, using a corporate address keeps your personal information protected.

Also known as a trading address, a business address can be the same as your registered address, but it is more intended for companies that have multiple locations, have staff that operates nationwide, or are trying to attract clients from different areas.

A business address is a location where you receive correspondence from suppliers, banks, investors, and clients. It can be used purely for the reason of advertising on your websites, business cards, emails, or any other materials your business may need. If you are working remotely, but still want to have a formal professional address, a virtual business address allows you to have a professional feel to your business without having to invest in a top-end office location.

Mail Receipt & Forwarding

Mail Receipt & Forwarding

Business is all about first impressions. When you’re a small business or a start-up, it can be hard to find room in the budget for an office building in the city. That’s why having a professional business address and virtual mailbox at an official location is so important. You’ll gain credibility, respect, and prestige if your business mail is sent somewhere notable all without spending the extra money to own a building in that area.

Can you receive mail at a virtual office?

The short answer is yes. There will be a staff member available to receive any and all business mail you want at your virtual office mailing address. They will sort it for you and store it securely until it’s ready to be picked up in person or forwarded to you using our business mail forwarding service.

Let’s say you’re in the financial industry. Think of the impression you’ll give if your business mail goes to a Wall Street address. Maybe you’re in the entertainment business. That’s when having business mail sent or forwarded to a Hollywood address could work to your advantage. Or, if you run a tech company, Seattle would be a good place for your business mail to settle.

How to Forward Business Mail

Davinci’s business mail receipt and forwarding services make it possible to quickly receive your business mail at your virtual mailing address. Then, you have the option to pick it up at the physical office location or to have it forwarded on a scheduled basis to wherever you are, no matter how far away. Just tell us where you need it sent and we’ll make sure it gets there.

These are many advantages to using our business mail receipt and forwarding services:

  • You project a professional image by using a formal business address.
  • You keep your business and personal life separate. This is good for tax purposes as well as for privacy concerns.
  • Your personal information is protected, including your home address.
  • Your documents and packages are sorted for you.
  • Mail is stored in a secure facility, protected from prying eyes - perfect for any packages with expensive products that might be targeted at a residence.
  • There are fewer interruptions during your work day, and you won’t ever miss a delivery since your mail’s arrival is forwarded according to your own schedule.
  • Your business address remains the same no matter how many times you move around. This is important for customers, clients, lenders, and others who want to know that you have a stable, long-term location. Plus, you won’t have to change your business card every time you move.
  • You get your mail at a consistent, reliable place regardless of where you find yourself. We can deliver it practically anywhere in the world.

How do I get a virtual mailing address?

Setting up your virtual mailing address is easy with Davinci Virtual. Davinci is the world’s leading company when it comes to providing the best in virtual offices and virtual mailing addresses. After you purchase and set up your virtual office, you can request business mail receipt and forwarding services and have your virtual office and virtual mailing address ready to go the same day.

Lobby Directory Listing

Lobby Directory Listing

Imagine your company’s name in the official lobby directory of a prestigious office building—located at an exclusive address—that will give a great first impression to every visitor who walks in the door. When clients come to the building and see your name prominently posted, your business will appear not only legitimate, but professional and successful as well.

Davinci Virtual’s office solutions give you the image and credibility of a well-established business. This is especially important for small business owners who don’t have a permanent physical office, but still want to establish a strong presence in a specific location. With a virtual office located anywhere around the world, you’ll have on-the-spot access to a coworking space, day office, or conference room complete with high-tech presentation tools, plus a business support center and optional meeting catering.

An official lobby directory proves your presence and fosters confidence in your company.

The benefits of physically establishing yourself at a permanent business address are numerous and include being able to:

  • Get mapped online
  • Market your reputable company address
  • Show that you own a successful company
  • Be respected for your strong connection to the community

Another important reason to have a professional business address with your name in the official lobby directory is for licensing and registering your business. Most states require companies to designate a Registered Agent with a physical address within the jurisdiction where your company operates. Having a virtual office in the right location makes this possible.

Why use Davinci? Our reputation speaks for itself—not to mention the fact that we’ve been pioneering the industry for over a decade. Don’t look any further for all your virtual office needs.

Request official lobby directory services from Davinci Virtual now.

Incorporation & Registered Agent

Incorporation & Registered Agent Services

Davinci partners with Legalinc for Registered Agent and Business Formation Services. Legalinc offers an automated, digital Registered Agent (RA) platform. The platform automates the entire Registered Agent experience by tracking and storing Service of Process (SOP), official notifications, and compliance deadlines. The platform alerts you upon receipt of any documents.

Most states in the U.S. require all entity types to designate an RA within the jurisdiction where the company operates. The RA provides a physical address that is open Monday through Friday during regular business hours. They receive and sign for any SOP, or official notification, then notify the company of receipt.

Whether you need to establish an LLC, Corporation, Nonprofit or any other entity type, Davinci powered by Legalinc can facilitate it quickly in every U.S. jurisdiction. The entity type determines how your new business will operate, how you make decisions, file taxes and which documents you must file at the state.

Regardless of the entity type you choose, you’ll be working to protect yourself and your assets. You’ll be separating your personal and business finances and taking the next step in the passion that is your business.

Lobby Greeter

Lobby Greeter

Davinci virtual office address locations are the perfect places to take your business from amateur status to professional. We have everything from well-known business addresses and conference rooms to day offices. Davinci offers the services you need to take your business to the next level —including lobby greeters. Davinci locations offer a lobby greeter who will welcome your clients to the office and provide assistance.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Since 2006, Davinci has continually provided the best professional business services to clients across the globe.

Conference Rooms

Conference Room Rental

Davinci meeting spaces are designed and equipped for your success. Whether you need a state-of-the-art conference room, board room, day office, spacious training room, or co-working facility, Davinci offers you the meeting space you need to succeed.

You have access to over 20,000 fully equipped meeting rooms around the world, allowing you to meet prospects and clients in an environment that is designed to project professionalism.

Davinci meeting rooms are located in well-known office buildings. You can reserve a meeting space, conference room, or board room by the hour or by the day in every major city throughout the world—instantly—online.

Our unblemished reputation and phenomenal customer service support speaks for itself. Since 2006, we’ve been providing the best services in the industry for thousands of entrepreneurs and executives across the business world.

The next time you’re in need of a place to conduct business look no further than Davinci.

Day Offices

Day Office Rental

The ability to work anywhere is one of the benefits of this day and age, but there are still times when an office may be preferable. You may need an office for an important client meeting, to interview prospective job candidates, or when meeting a new business investor. Other reasons to rent an office for a day include:

  • Enjoying much higher productivity when you step out of your home “office” or corner coffee shop and into a dedicated, professional, and private space.
  • Using free, high-tech services such as high-speed internet, a teleconferencing system, and top-of-the-line presentation tools like LCD monitors and projectors.
  • Settling into a routine while traveling for business.
  • Feeling comfortable in a secure building while working and meeting contacts.
  • Expanding your network throughout different locales.
  • Saving money for those times when you just need a day office for a short time, since you can rent by the hour.

Each day office features a professional lobby greeter. This is a great perk because the first few seconds of any initial in-person contact will set the tone for you, your meeting, and your company. A lobby greeter gives every guest a good first impression with a warm welcome and helpful directions to your office. They can also answer basic questions, make local recommendations, and help everyone feel at ease.

Day offices come fully equipped with business services such as copying, printing, faxing, mailing, notarizing, and more. You’ll save time and be more efficient because you won’t have to step out to the closest US post office or FedEx store to complete your business.

Because Davinci has over 20,000 locations worldwide, there won’t be a problem finding a suitable office to conduct your growing business. From Atlanta to Albuquerque and Ankara to Amsterdam, we have rooms available wherever is most convenient for you.

Whatever you may need a day office for, Davinci will be there to help you every step of the way. Rent a day office in any of our Davinci meeting spaces—when and where you need it. Just use Davinci’s easy and convenient online reservation platform to browse locations, rates, and features. Then, instantly reserve your day office by the week, day, or hour. There are no sign-up or membership fees—you’re only charged for the services you use (starting at only $10 an hour).

Contact Davinci to rent an office for a day!

Internet & Presentation Tools

Presentation Tools

Since 2006, Davinci has provided the best business services to clients across the world. We offer over 20,000 professional meeting rooms that allow you to be and look the part of a serious professional when you’re meeting with prospective clients and employees.

Our business meeting rooms are located in impressive office buildings. But we don’t just have fully-equipped offices for you to rent. Continue reading below to find out about our technological services.

Davinci offers outstanding meeting room technology. You will have access to high-speed internet, presentation tools such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, video conferencing, and many other tools and services to make your meeting convenient and successful.

Finally, you’ll be able to give sharp presentations that reflect your professionalism, leaving your attendees thoroughly impressed. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of our amazing meeting room technology.

Davinci’s outstanding reputation speaks for itself. There’s a reason we’ve been at the forefront of both virtual and physical office solutions for over a decade. Find out for yourself when you utilize our meeting room technology services.

Business Support Center

Business Support Services

Since Davinci rentals are designed to give your business a professional image that enables success, we know what support you need to succeed. Davinci offers a business support center with every business service you could hope for when using one of our virtual offices, coworking spaces, or meeting and conference rooms.

Meeting Room Equipment & Services

We’ll provide you with business support services and meeting room equipment like:

  • Copying
  • Color printing
  • Faxing
  • Mailing
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Office supplies
  • And more

You’ll love having each of these business services right when you need it, where you need it. Yes, you can always stop whatever you’re doing (even if it’s right in the middle of a meeting) to waste time running a few blocks away for any urgent business service need that arises. Or you can continue your work or meeting uninterrupted and utilize Davinci’s business support center right on site. Not only will you appreciate it, but your guests will as well.

Business support services allow you to keep your focus where it should be—on your agenda, goals, guests, and bottom line. So when you’re conducting interviews, presenting training sessions, hosting client meetings, or just trying to get work done, count on Davinci’s impeccable reputation for professionalism.

In-Office Support for Your Business

Are you ready to finally get the business support you need? Let Davinci take care of everything when you rent an office or meeting room with included business support services. Make an instant online reservation, or contact our professional and capable team to help you find the perfect location for you!

Meeting Catering

Meeting Room Catering Services

Davinci doesn’t just offer day offices, conference rooms, and meeting spaces—we also have excellent meeting catering services.

No longer will you have people with empty stomachs trying to pay attention during your presentation. When you’re in the zone, there’s no need to interrupt when it is time to eat. Davinci office meeting catering allows you to keep guests happy and full all day—which helps you maintain focus because we bring delicious food right to you.

Benefits of Catering for Meeting Room Rentals

What are the benefits of catering for meeting room rentals? Catering for meeting room rentals enhances productivity because when hunger strikes, people stop paying attention to what you’re saying. Like it or not, food will be the only thing people are thinking about once lunchtime hits. If you need others to contribute, think creatively, and solve problems, having a healthy meal brought in will bring the energy and stamina up, ensuring quality work gets done.

But there are other reasons having your next meeting catered is good for your business. It impresses your clients, investors, and guests. You’ll send the message that you are a thoughtful planner and are willing to pull out all the stops to establish a good reputation for your business. It also takes the pressure off you when you have a professional come in and deliver great-tasting food, with no added work on your end.

Also, catering with your meeting room rental makes your employees feel appreciated knowing you value their hard work and effort. You’ll find that adding a catered meal will greatly increase the excitement and willingness of your employees’ attendance at your meetings. This translates to a good work environment where people feel content and willing to give their best efforts. Food tends to bring people together, enabling professional relationships to flourish on a friendly, genuine level.

Add Catering to Your Next Meeting Room Rental

Davinci’s incredible reputation for quality food and beverage service won’t leave you disappointed. The next time you rent from Davinci, request office meeting catering so you can work through the day feeling full and focused!