Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a virtual office to register my company/incorporation?

Be sure to review the industry requirements in your area-some restrictions may apply to using a virtual office. If you are required to have a resident or registered agent at your local office, some of our locations do offer this service for an additional cost. Please call 888-863-3423 to get specifics on the location of your choice. 

Can I use your address for my licensing? Will you hang my license?

Yes, once you sign up you can use Davinci Virtual for your licensing. Some industries are limited, but the majority of our clients get their licensing approved with our address without any problems. Some of our centers may even hang your business license at the location. Please call us at 888-863-3423 for specifics on each center.

How does the call forwarding work?

We can forward calls to up to 99 employees or phone numbers you have at no additional charge. Most companies charge an extra fee to forward calls to multiple people or places – but Davinci doesn’t. We also include follow-me find-me solutions where our receptionists will call office lines, cell phones, home office lines, etc. until the desired party is reached. There is also schedule based forwarding online, so you have the power to control how, where, and when your calls and messages are forwarded. It’s a very simple process that our customer service team will customize with you at set-up. No additional charge for any of this.

How much office time can I get each month?

You can get as much office time or conference room access as you like each month. Package and pricing vary by location. You can pay by the hour, half day, or full day. Or some locations give you the option to purchase packages that you can use by the hour or by the day. Some locations even include this time with the base price. Please call 888-863-3423 to review rates and packages at your locations of interest.

What happens if I go over my minutes?

We can always upgrade your package retroactively. We are very flexible that way and will make sure at the end of each month you are on the most economical plan for your usage. We will call you at the end of each month to evaluate your usage if you need to upgrade. Additional live receptionist time is only $1.75 per minute for Business plans and $2.50 per minute for Premium plans.

What additional costs are there for Location Services?

For address services additional costs can include conference room or day office use, mail forwarding, copies, etc. These variable charges differ by location, please call 888-863-3423 for specific information regarding the location of your choice.

What are the main features included for Live Receptionist Services?

For Business Communications plans:

  • Live team of professionals to handle incoming calls
  • Call forwarding with caller ID
  • Call announcing and screening
  • Toll-free & local phone and fax numbers included
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Voicemail Management
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Unlimited Long Distance Calling
  • Auto Receptionist
  • Online Faxing

For Premium Communications plans:

  • Everything included in a Business plan
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Outbound Calling
  • Order Processing & Customer Care
  • Administrative Tasks & Work
  • Special FAQs & Complex Call Flows

Do you provide phone numbers or can I use an existing number I have?

Davinci includes two numbers for free with all of our communication plans. You can choose whether these two numbers are toll-free or local numbers. These two numbers also work as fax to email numbers at the same time. Not all local area codes are available. Please check the website or call 888-863-3423 to verify if the area code you want is available. If you have existing numbers you would like to continue to use, you can forward those to us at no cost. If you wish us to go a step further and have us take ownership of your current number there is a one-time $75 porting fee which allows us to purchase your number from your existing provider. If you have us port your number, this means you no longer need to pay your current provider for that number as it would be considered 1 of the 2 free numbers Davinci includes for you. If you need a vanity number that spells something (example 1-800-DAVINCI) there is a onetime $100 set up fee for us to obtain this number for you. If you need an international phone/fax number it is $49.95 per month. To port out a number you have ported in,  there would be a fee of $250.

How does the scheduling work?

Our receptionists use a web-based calendar that you will have access to view in real time. It's your choice if you’d like to begin using the complimentary calendar we include with the system or if you’d like to continue using your current working calendar. Our receptionist can work with any current calendar you may have, provided it is web based.

How do the receptionists process orders for me?

Our team will have links to your website at their fingertips each time a client calls you. They can process your clients orders online, directly through your website. Or they can simply log caller information and email it to you directly if you prefer. Please call 888-863-3423 to discuss your specific order needs to ensure we can match them. It’s all very flexible.

What is the cost to use the conference room at your virtual office site?

We offer over 1200 virtual office locations. The prices vary by location. Please contact by emailing Davinci Meeting Rooms, calling 1-877-424-9767, or go online to to check rates at specific meeting & conference facilities.

How do you handle solicitors, and do these calls count toward the minutes in my package?

Our receptionists will screen for solicitors and we have the ability to block their numbers if necessary.

What is the cost for Virtual Address alone?

This will depend on the location that is chosen. Please refer to our location search for details.

What is the cost for Live Virtual Receptionist answering alone?

This will depend on the package that is purchased. Please refer to our list of packages for details.

Can I rent a conference room for a one-time use?

Yes, you can - day office time and conference room time is available at almost all our locations for an hourly fee. Contact your account manager, call us at 1-877-424-9767, or go to for more information.

What are the main features included for Location Services?

  • Professional business address
  • Mail & package receipt, dedicated mail box on site in most locations
  • Mail forwarding on request (cost of postage additional- rates vary by location)
  • Use of address for business license, business cards, website, etc.
  • Local presence & drop off & pick up point for clientele
  • Lobby & directory listings available at most locations
  • Access to private day offices & conference rooms at hourly rates (vary by location)
  • Complimentary access to cyber café’s with wireless internet, coffee/tea bar, etc. (where available)

How soon can my new address be set-up?

If you sign up for a virtual office location, we do require a completed & notarized CMRA mail form before set-up is complete. After that form is received and submitted, set-up typically takes 48 hours.

How soon can my communications package be set-up?

Once you sign up online, you will be assigned a personal set up representative that will help you fill out your call flow form. Once that has been completed and sent back to us it typically takes about 1-2 business days. This allows us time to train and test your team of receptionists on how to handle your calls.

How do I pay?

We accept credit and / or debit card payments. We cannot accept check, or cash payments. This also adds an extra level of convenience because you don’t have to worry about mailing in a check or late payments.  All sign-ups need to be done online or over the phone at 888-863-3423. We cannot accomodate in-person sign-ups.

Can I get my numbers now and start services later?

Unfortunately our numbers live in a large bank, and in order for us to reserve or hold a number we have to activate that account at that time.

Can I take my Davinci Virtual number with me when I cancel my services?

It depends on the type of numbers you use in our system and how they were originally set up. Please call Davinci at 877-693-2846 to review your options.

How do the minute packages work?

We actually base our call volume on per second increments, not per minute increments. So if we answer and forward a call in 3 seconds, it only counts as 3 seconds of live receptionist time. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not round up to the nearest minute. So the 50 minute package actually includes 3,000 seconds of live receptionist time. We’ve also included 10,000 automated minutes (long distance minutes) with every live receptionist minute plan. Those minutes are included to cover any long-distance fees, toll-free charges, or call patching fees that most of our competitors will charge you extra for.

Is there a set-up fee for Communication Services?

Automated Phone Services – No

Live Receptionist Services - $95 one time

Live Web Chat $50 set-up fee


Is there a set-up fee for Location Services?

Yes, Local Business Identity Virtual Office Addresses have a one-time setup fee that starts at $150. Contact a sales rep to discover available promotions. The setup fee includes a convenient online notary to help complete your setup process.

If I need this address to obtain a line of credit with my bank, are your addresses registered with Dun & Bradstreet?

Yes, Davinci currently is listed with Dun & Bradstreet. You can use our address with your bank to obtain a line of credit.

What greeting will my callers hear?

You can select what personalized greeting the receptionists say when they greet your callers. It can be as long or short as you’d like and customized in any way. If you are just working with our automated system, your callers can hear a recorded name or personalized greeting recorded by you or the Davinci team or ringing only.

How does the voicemail system work?

Included with each phone package is a voicemail system. You or the Davinci team can record a main greeting for your voicemail box. If clients leave you messages, you can dial into the system to listen to them, or you can have the voicemails sent to you via email in a sound file with the date, time, and the phone number of the call stamped. 

What hours do you answer calls live?

Our live receptionist team answers calls for you during coast to coast business hours (8 am - 8 pm EST) Monday through Friday. 24x7 automated support is included complimentary.

How do the calls work after-hours?

After live-answering-hours, your virtual account includes a wonderful automated attendant that will still greet your callers with a personalized greeting. The automated system can screen and forward calls, or simply put your callers into voicemail. If you need a dial by name or department directory after hours that forwards to different places, you would need to buy additional voicemail boxes. $29.95 for box #2, $19.95 for any additional box after that. There is a $50 set-up fee for voicemail boxes.

How does the included email account work?

When you sign up for live or automated phone service with Davinci, you get a personalized email account This account stores and forwards your emails, faxes, voicemails, contacts, and tasks. 

How does the fax service and fax forwarding work?

The toll-free or local number included with your account functions as a phone and fax number. Just give your contacts your Davinci number. The system will recognize whether it is a voice caller or whether it is a fax that it needs to forward. You can then receive your fax via email. Faxes do not cost you anything additional and are included in the base rate. A typical fax page is equal to 1 automated minute. 10 cents per page for overages.

What is Find Me Follow Me?

Think of Find Me Follow Me as a virtual phone locating service. When someone dials your office phone number they can only reach you if you happen to be at your desk. If they wish to speak to you, they will then have to dial your cell phone, or home phone next. This is a time consuming and frustrating process for some. Plus, if you miss an important call, you will now have to return a Voicemail. The Find Me Follow Me feature allows your callers to reach you by simply dialing one number. When a callers dials this virtual number, this receptionist and/or system checks your schedule, then begins to dial phone numbers based on your settings. For example: I usually work a Monday thru Friday 9-5 work week. I also work from home time to time. My schedule is quite flexible. There is no guarantee that I will be sitting at my desk each Wednesday morning. I also have a cell phone which I carry with me everywhere I go. When someone calls me during the work week they dial my virtual number. I have the system set up to first dial the phone number at my desk in the office. If I do not answer the phone, I have the system set up to then ring both my home phone number and my cell phone at the same time. The caller does not have to do anything but wait for me to answer the phone. If I still do not answer the call, they are then asked to leave a Voicemail. It is that easy. Anytime, Anywhere.... The Find Me Follow Me service lets callers reach you by phone anytime, anywhere. There is no need to give your friends and associates multiple numbers for office, fax, cell, home, etc. With Find Me Follow Me, your virtual phone number gives you the freedom to be away from the office without worrying about missing an important call or opportunity.

What is the contract term for Receptionist Services?

Phone & chat solutions are on month to month contracts. All we need to cancel is 30 day written notice of cancelation.

What is your contract term?

Location solutions require a 6 month commitment. 30 day written notice is required for cancellation after contract term. After the 6 month term it rolls over month to month.

Are the minutes tracked for the full length of the call or just for the answering and connection?

Live minutes only count for the time that we are actually on the phone with your caller. (By the second, not minute.) Once transferred through that is when automated minutes come into play. We’ve included 10,000 minutes of automated time in the base packages, so you never have to worry about any additional fees. Those minutes are included to cover any long-distance fees, toll-free charges, or call patching fees that most of our competitors will charge extra for. Unless they have an extremely high call volume the basic minute plan covers most company’s needs. Extra minutes are .10 cents each or they can get 1000 for $69. And we can always upgrade them retroactively if they go over so they never have to work about overage charges.

If the call is transferred to a cell phone, what does the Caller ID read?

With the live package, the the Davinci number will show in the caller ID so you will know that it is a business call coming through. With the auto package you have the choice to see your Davinci TFN or see the callers phone number.

How many people will the auto system forward calls to?

With the auto attendant system, it includes one main greeting and one company voicemail box. But it can forward to seven phone numbers for $59/mo. If you are in need of a dial by name directory or extra voicemail boxes, it’s $29.95 for the 2nd box and $19.95 for any additional boxes after that.

Is there tax applied?

No. The pricing is charged as listed on our website. No tax is applied.

How much conference room time is included in the package?

At Davinci we do offer pre-pay conference room time at some of our locations.  Contact your sales representative for more information.

Most of our locations offer conference room time payable by the hour.  At Davinci we limit the number of clients we sign up at our locations, so there is much better availability in the rooms when you need it.  You can even book your rooms online!

Can you do administrative projects for me? (data entry, scheduling flights, other non phone work, etc.)

Yes, this is "Admin Time" that is provided in our Premium Live Receptionist packages.  There is an additional fee that is billed at $50/hr and is broken into per minute increments. You just pay for the time you use at the end of the month, charged to the card we have on file.

What Is a Virtual Office Space?

The address of your business can say a lot about you and your company. A clothing company, for example, with an office on Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris or Fifth Avenue in New York helps elevate its brand. A virtual office space can give you that office location on a major street in a major city, even while you’re working remotely thousands of miles away.

A virtual office lets you work anywhere while still having the benefits of a professional mailing address.

How Do I Create a Virtual Office?

With Davinci, it’s easy to create a virtual office. Once you decide on one of our thousands of locations around the world, you can select any additional services you would like for your virtual office. At that point, you only need to log on to your Davinci account and finalize your payment.

When the payment is processed, a customer service representative will reach out to you and help you complete the remaining forms. You will have access to your address in as little as two business days after we have received your notarized documents.

How Much Does a Virtual Business Address Cost?

A virtual business address is as affordable as $49 a month. Depending on the location, there may be additional fees for optional office services like mail forwarding and a one-time setup fee.

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Office?

A virtual office gives your company a professional business location to do business from while allowing all employees to work remotely. It gives you the benefits of a physical office location without any of the headaches of managing or maintaining an actual office space.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

A virtual office provides you with a virtual environment to get work done remotely. As part of a virtual office with Davinci, you are able to buy the use of a physical location.

While your work is all done remotely, the physical address gives you a physical location for letters and packages to be sent to and gives you the chance for more privacy and a professional business image.

Can I Use a Virtual Address for Business Licensing? Will You Hang My License?

Yes, you can use your virtual address for business licensing. Some industries are limited, but the majority of our clients are approved for licensing with a virtual address. Some centers may be able to hang your business license. Please call for specifics on each location.

Does My Virtual Business Address Include a Phone Number? Can I List This in Directory Assistance?

No, your virtual address does not include a phone number. The phone number you would like to associate with your business must be provided by you.

If you would like to use a unique phone number for your business Davinci has Live Virtual Receptionist services available in a variety of plans.

How Do I Register an LLC With a Virtual Business Address?

You register an LLC with a virtual business address the same way you would register with a normal address. Once you have purchased your virtual business address, you can use it in any registration, licensing, or certification that requires a physical address.

Can I Use My Existing Company Phone Number?

Yes, you can use your existing phone number.

What happens if I go over my number of chats per month?

Chat overages are billed at 4 cents per word over the initial chat amount.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How long does it take to setup Live Web Chat?

It takes 1-2 business days after receipt of forms to get everything put into the system and the team trained.

How much is it for you to install the button for me?

There is a flat fee of $99 for the install.

What do you need to install the button for me?

We will need access to your website.  Depending on the type of site you have we will either need access to the admin or access to the site files via FTP.

How do I put the button on my website?

You will need to contact your web developer or we can install it for you for an additional fee of $99.

Can I use a custom button for Live Web Chat?

Yes.  There are several options for customizing your button available.  Please contact your Customer Care Representative to discuss options.

Customer Care

Is there a Davinci Virtual Mobile APP?

Yes.  The mobile APP is available on iTunes and at the Google Play Store.  You can also watch this webinar on how to use the app.

What are Live Web Chat Services?

Check out our webinar about Live Web Chat Services to help you decide if it is the right product for your company.

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