Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a virtual office to register my company/incorporation?

Be sure to review the industry requirements in your area-some restrictions may apply to using a virtual office. If you are required to have a resident or registered agent at your local office, some of our locations do offer this service for an additional cost. Please call 888-863-3423 to get specifics on the location of your choice. 

Can I use your address for my licensing? Will you hang my license?

Yes, once you sign up you can use Davinci Virtual for your licensing. Some industries are limited, but the majority of our clients get their licensing approved with our address without any problems. Some of our centers may even hang your business license at the location. Please call us at 888-863-3423 for specifics on each center.

How much office time can I get each month?

You can get as much office time or conference room access as you like each month. Package and pricing vary by location. You can pay by the hour, half day, or full day. Or some locations give you the option to purchase packages that you can use by the hour or by the day. Some locations even include this time with the base price. Please call 888-863-3423 to review rates and packages at your locations of interest.

What additional costs are there for Location Services?

For address services additional costs can include conference room or day office use, mail forwarding, copies, etc. These variable charges differ by location, please call 888-863-3423 for specific information regarding the location of your choice.

What is the cost to use the conference room at your virtual office site?

We offer over 1200 virtual office locations. The prices vary by location. Please contact by emailing Davinci Meeting Rooms, calling 1-877-424-9767, or go online to to check rates at specific meeting & conference facilities.

What is the cost for Virtual Address alone?

This will depend on the location that is chosen. Please refer to our location search for details.

Can I rent a conference room for a one-time use?

Yes, you can - day office time and conference room time is available at almost all our locations for an hourly fee. Contact your account manager, call us at 1-877-424-9767, or go to for more information.

What are the main features included for Location Services?

  • Professional business address
  • Mail & package receipt, dedicated mail box on site in most locations
  • Mail forwarding on request (cost of postage additional- rates vary by location)
  • Use of address for business license, business cards, website, etc.
  • Local presence & drop off & pick up point for clientele
  • Lobby & directory listings available at most locations
  • Access to private day offices & conference rooms at hourly rates (vary by location)
  • Complimentary access to cyber café’s with wireless internet, coffee/tea bar, etc. (where available)

How soon can my new address be set-up?

If you sign up for a virtual office location, we do require a completed & notarized CMRA mail form before set-up is complete. After that form is received and submitted, set-up typically takes 48 hours.

How do I pay?

We accept credit and / or debit card payments. We cannot accept check, or cash payments. This also adds an extra level of convenience because you don’t have to worry about mailing in a check or late payments.  All sign-ups need to be done online or over the phone at 888-863-3423. We cannot accomodate in-person sign-ups.

Can I take my Davinci Virtual number with me when I cancel my services?

It depends on the type of numbers you use in our system and how they were originally set up. Please call Davinci at 877-693-2846 to review your options.

Is there a set-up fee for Location Services?

Yes, Local Business Identity Virtual Office Addresses have a one-time setup fee that starts at $150. Contact a sales rep to discover available promotions. The setup fee includes a convenient online notary to help complete your setup process.

If I need this address to obtain a line of credit with my bank, are your addresses registered with Dun & Bradstreet?

Yes, Davinci currently is listed with Dun & Bradstreet. You can use our address with your bank to obtain a line of credit.

What is your contract term?

Location solutions require a 6 month commitment. 30 day written notice is required for cancellation after contract term. After the 6 month term it rolls over month to month.

Is there tax applied?

No. The pricing is charged as listed on our website. No tax is applied.

How much conference room time is included in the package?

At Davinci we do offer pre-pay conference room time at some of our locations.  Contact your sales representative for more information.

Most of our locations offer conference room time payable by the hour.  At Davinci we limit the number of clients we sign up at our locations, so there is much better availability in the rooms when you need it.  You can even book your rooms online!

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