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4 Tips for Planning and Holding Successful Hybrid Meetings and Events

As businesses slowly start to make their way back into the office, there are many people still working from home, and so meetings and events will need to accommodate for both on-site as well as remote attendants in order to maximize their reach and revenue in the short and medium terms. 

Hybrid meetings and events solve this issue by making it possible for in-person and virtual attendees to share the same experience thanks to the technology available for this purpose. 

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How to Use a Virtual Office for Your Amazon Business Address

But beyond the legal liabilities, most solopreneurs and small businesses will not want to add personal names and home addresses to their Amazon seller account info. Imagine having a customer drive past your home to see what your worth might be or worse yet stopping by during dinner to air their complaints. 

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Pros & Cons of Our Increasingly Remote World

With this increasingly remote world becoming the norm seemingly overnight, many are discovering that while working from home certainly does have its pros, it can also have its cons.

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Answering Return-to-Work FAQs [19 Questions to Include]

One of the steps businesses need to consider as they move towards opening their offices or asking employees to return to coworking spaces is the development of a comprehensive FAQ. Employees will need to understand what is being done to protect them from potential virus infection as well as what protocols must be followed while they are working from the office or a coworking space.

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Top 7 Email Rules for Business

Email is the most practical tool that helps you connect with your clients or employer’s partners. But the truth is that it may be hard to take online communications to another level because sometimes it’s challenging to express your emotions, empathy, and intentions through text. 

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