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5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Using Outbound Calling Services

Outbound calling services have always been a popular resource for a wide range of industries, but with the recent and rapid developments in the digital age, this service is more important than ever.

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From Setback to Start-Up: Tips for Opening Your Own Business

Few experiences are as upsetting and unsettling as a career setback. You work hard for years to build a career, and in a day, it can all come crashing down, leaving you aimless and lacking confidence. Fortunately, a career setback can provide a jumping off point for a positive life change. If you have a passion, a marketable skill, and clients who like your work, a job loss can be the basis for a brand new career as the owner of your own business.

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7 Effective Ways Call Screening Services Can Save You Time

Time is money for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Incoming phone calls can be a real nuisance, interrupting critical work on projects and customer interactions and consuming valuable time. Yet, in some cases, depending on the caller, answering the call and routing the caller to the right person on the team is pivotal—often the difference between new business and a lost business opportunity, an engaged customer and a dissatisfied detractor. 

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Davinci Lands atop Clutch.co’s Rankings of The Best Business Services in Utah

At Davinci, we pride ourselves on innovating in a field that may not seem open to innovation. Taking after the man whose last name graces our company, we know the future of any business depends on how well they can innovate to adapt to the future. Our company is founded on innovation, especially in 2006, when we made sure people knew that virtual receptionist and the virtual office were about to become a major trend.

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Fully Replace Your Office Secretary

Office secretaries can be a substantial overhead for a small business. The average hourly rate for a secretary runs nearly $20—and this does not include benefits (which typically come to about one-third of the annual monies paid to an employee. Suddenly, a small business is looking at $35,000 or more for an office secretary. 

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