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Steps To Successfully Transition Your Business To A Virtual Office

Lower overhead costs, higher productivity, and better employee turnover rates are just a handful of them, making a strong case for switching to working from home and virtual offices. For the standard employer that is now having to navigate the transition to a virtual work environment, making a successful shift depends on implementing the right protocols and policies

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Are Business Cards Dead? Here's Why You Still Need Them

Sure, business cards had an important place in face-to-face interactions but this importance has diminished in 2020 due to the need to move almost all aspects of business to the digital realm. 

But the truth is that business cards are still an essential part of any successful venture. 

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14 Tips for Taking Meeting Minutes During Remote Calls

A significant portion of the growth can be attributed to business meetings. Six-plus months into the COVID pandemic and meeting fatigue is setting in; researchers and organizations are seeking ways to ensure virtual meetings are productive and participants are engaged. 

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6 Millennial & Gen Z Workplace Trends You Can't Ignore

Millennials became the predominant generation in the workforce in 2016. Experts predict Millennials will comprise 50% of the workforce this year and 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Certain companies report Millennials make up 75% of the workforce today. At the same time, the initial workers from the post-millennial generation (Gen Z) are beginning to enter the workforce. The Gen Z workforce will not be as large as the Millennials, who will hit 75 million workers at its peak, but it will have a discernible impact—one that will begin to be felt today.

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A Businessperson’s Guide to Virtual Offices in NYC

Do you need a cheap virtual office in Manhattan? Davinci has many impressive addresses and affordable virtual offices in NYC. Look and book online now!

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