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15 Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

How can you get excellent customer care at a fraction of the cost? Here are 15 benefits a dedicated virtual receptionist service can provide your business.

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5 Ways to Build a Business on a Budget

Building a business, as every entrepreneur knows, takes hard work and dedication. This is true of every business, even projects with seemingly unlimited VC backing struggle to be successful. This can sure sound terrifying if you are planning on starting a business on a budget, but there is no need to panic

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Creating an Airbnb for Offices

Davinci CEO, Martin Senn, talks about his upbringing in Switzerland and what led him to towards an entrepreneurial pursuit in the business world. Listen to the podcast now!

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Business Development Trends for 2020

We live in a world that’s changing at an incredibly fast pace. This, sadly, means that businesses must adapt or accept their demise. But this is not necessarily a bad thing! Once you manage to get in the rhythm, you also realize there are new and better platforms to use and lots of new and intriguing ways to reach out to audiences. 

Of course, each new year comes with its own challenges that shape the area’s most businesses will focus on in terms of development. So, if you’re curious about the development trends to follow as a business in 2020 make sure to keep reading!  



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Live Virtual Receptionists: What Happens When an Angry Customer Calls?

If you are a business owner, especially of a small business with few or no employees so far, it’s likely that you cannot answer every phone call. Furthermore, you may not want to answer every phone call or have time to answer every call.

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