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A Businessperson’s Guide to Virtual Offices in NYC

Do you need a cheap virtual office in Manhattan? Davinci has many impressive addresses and affordable virtual offices in NYC. Look and book online now!

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Tips for Making Your Virtual Workplace More Inclusive

As companies adapt to this new mode of working and begin to understand the advantages and cost effectiveness of this model, they may decide to stick to a virtual workforce even in the era of new normality.

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How to Support Employee Mental Health During a Crisis

The mental health of workers should always be a concern for businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, struggles with mental health have skyrocketed as people are confronted with new work-life challenges—working from home while trying to school their kids online at the same time and balancing other home and family obligations against work responsibilities. 

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An Employer's Guide to Benefits and Resources Post-COVID-19

Most employers have had a rough run at things lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s lost revenue, the need to reallocate capabilities and much less peace of mind. On top of it all, there’s the state of your workers to worry about.

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Can Lawyers Work From Home? And Should They?

Lawyers work in many different places, such as courthouses, jailhouses, client houses, conference rooms, job sites, client offices, on their way to meetings, etc. With so many different settings it comes as a surprise that most people don’t think about lawyers as professionals who work from home, but they definitely do.

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