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A Closer Look At Virtual Addresses & Why Your Business Needs One

The concept of virtual offices has been around for a long time, however new technologies have made the virtual office more desirable, especially among companies seeking to establish themselves in new markets and hoping to attract talent away from their headquarters. 

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11 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Is a Smart Move for Your Startup

The concept of a permanent office space is something to which many solopreneurs and small businesses understood to be a critical component to their business. And while that may be true for some, it is no longer a valid requisite for many. The explosion of mobile devices, smart apps, and cloud services make it possible to work from virtually anywhere and at any time.

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How To Make The Switch To A Virtual Office Rental Effortlessly

With the number of digital nomads on a steady increase, it’s not surprising that virtual office adoption has increased as well. However, the switch to a virtual office is not an easy one, especially when it comes to former traditional office workers that now find themselves working from home.

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The Future of Virtual Offices in the Healthcare Industry

In the case of patients, they can monitor and manage their own health using wearables. These and other technologies are critical facilitators of telemedicine, which gives doctors and other healthcare providers the ability to diagnose issues, prescribe medications, and monitor patient status without ever seeing them in-person.

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