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Virtual Receptionist and Live Assistant Services

Smart, friendly, and available when you need them to be. It’s the professional voice with a personal touch when your customer calls, representing your company, your way. We have a variety of plans for every need: find the one that’s right for you.

Say hello to your new virtual receptionist team!

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Business Plans Starting at $149/monthly
  • Free local or toll-free number
  • Live call answering
  • Call forwarding & screening
  • Voicemail management
  • Advanced call routing & conferencing
  • Unlimited long distance calling
  • Auto receptionist
  • Online faxing
  • Stellar Davinci customer service
The average call length for Davinci Business Plans range from 80-100 seconds.
Premium Plans Starting at $199/monthly
  • All business plan features plus:
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Outbound calling
  • Order processing
  • Customer care
  • Bilingual receptionists
  • Administrative tasks
  • Special FAQs & Complex call flows
The average call length for Davinci Premium Plans range from 120-150 seconds.

Our business plans come with all of these great features:

Call Forwarding
& Screening








Our premium plans offer all the business plan features, plus:







Download The Davinci Live App today to take advantage of the many features available. You'll never be more than a tap away from your client call information and much more!


Others count your live answering usage in one-minute increments, meaning that if you use one minute and one second, two minutes of your allotment are gone. Davinci Virtual counts your time in one-second increments. Just one more way Davinci is working to maximize your potential with a great value.


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Davinci Virtual offers Live Virtual Receptionist Service all across the U.S.



Davinci proudly offers answering service along with virtual receptionist, assistant, secretary and admin solutions across the United States, as well as the world. We have been in business since 2006 and know how to provide a service that keeps thousands of our customers satisfied for over a decade now. Below are some more details to what we offer.


Virtual receptionists

When you need a live virtual receptionist service that exceeds your expectations, then you go with Davinci, if that’s not what you need, then you go with one of the other companies trying to keep up, and eventually come to us anyways. The only reason we can make such a claim is because of our impeccable reviews, from thousands and thousands of happy customers. These customers got our receptionist service for the medical, legal, dental, real estate and other industries, and they’ve been beyond happy.


Our virtual live receptionist service gets to know your business because they are trained by the expert - you, the owner. They get all of the knowledge from you to perform their office receptionist duties and provide exceptional answering service because they know your business inside and out. The work they do is so in sync with your company, that no customer would know you have a remote virtual phone receptionist juggling the initial greeting, call filtering and initial caller greeting. While we offer automated solutions, and this is included complimentary with our virtual receptionist packages, these are live receptionists that scale with your business needs.


Every time your phone rings, who is there to answer the call? You can have someone who is running around the office, or handling other tasks out of office, but our receptionists are there for you 100% of the time to get your calls. Yet, our solution is affordable and cheap enough for any serious small & medium business to implement, so make your life easier today with one of our virtual receptionists, all at a cost that’s almost free. The flexibility, dependability and dedication are the core traits of our service, and since we also provide bilingual receptionists, you are even more prepared to serve growing markets. Start a chat or call 1-888-863-3423 to discuss your needs with one of our specialists today.



Virtual Assistant

Great news! Davinci offers virtual assistant services, and we are one of the best companies in this industry offering this service. Our virtual assistants can fully replace your office one, all while maintaining the personal feel and presence. Some of the customers who hire our virtual assistants work as real estate agents, doctors, sales people, dentists, lawyers, physicians and many more fields where the professionals need time to concentrate on their work.


We also offer you the flexibility of using your virtual assistant part time or full time, and they will provide your executive level assistance, at a fraction of the cost, with way more scalability and flexibility to work with your schedule. Davinci has been in business since 2006, and we have built up our reputation to have the best virtual assistants, and to beat any other companies in price, quality, reviews and service. So whether you work in real estate, legal, or medical office, as a doctor, lawyer, physician or executive, our always online virtual assistants are the best and cannot be beaten.


Our virtual assistant service goes beyond phone answering, as our assistants can be trained to help with any duties you need them to handle; look through this page & our website to get more details on our packages for this service. See why we are the highest reviewed provider of this service, and why we are the industry leader as the best option for you and your needs, because our company depends on your satisfaction.


No more waiting, no more procrastinating, get in touch with Davinci right now to discuss all benefits and how we can make your office run smoother with one of our assistants. Remember, we have helped hundreds of industries succeed, including real estate realtor legends, dental, medical, legal (paralegal), sales, and many other niche providers with our amazing virtual assistants. We can even handle web chat requests on your site via live chat customer support online. Our price is cheap and affordable, but our service is exemplary at this price point, as we provide only the top virtual assistants to work for your company. Note that we also only have American virtual assistants, some of whom are bilingual in Spanish, which makes us better than providers who use international assistants. So if you are wondering “what is a virtual assistant” or “I need a virtual assistant”, let us show you why you should have gone with Davinci a long time ago. Our personal & dedicated assistants, and affordable hourly rate beating packages make us one of the best companies around for this virtual service. And our price list is affordable and best rated for the bundle we provide. Find your perfect solution for your business on our sites easy to use interface, and pick one of the packages that is better than any other agency or company solution around.



Virtual Secretary & Administrator Services

In addition to the above two core services, we also handle your virtual secretary and administrator needs. As an affordable and more robust solution in place of office temps, our secretaries and administrative assistants are the dividing factor between our service and that of everyone else trying to keep up. We are always ready, always online, enabling us to always be on standby for whenever your business needs from our service. We have provided admin and secretary service to legal, medical and real estate industries for a decade, along with hundreds of other businesses, each with their own needs. Since we are virtual, our secretarial and admin services will always have a person trained on your company to pick up the phone and answer the call confidently to represent your business.