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Davinci Virtual Partner Network

davinci virtual partner network


Over 1500 business center and coworking locations enjoy the benefits of the Davinci Preferred Partner Network worldwide. Every year, Davinci provisions thousands of virtual office clients and processes thousands of meeting space reservations in the U.S. alone, generating millions of dollars for our partners.


It’s easy to start creating significant additional virtual & meeting space revenues for your business together.

Or Click Here to Download Agreement

There is no cost for you to join and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure good business and quality service.

You may also call us at 866-661-5588 or email us at

  • Get Virtual Office clients - not just leads
  • Get Meeting Room bookings
  • Get full-time space clients
  • Increase variable service revenues
  • Greater revenues from meeting rooms
  • Free global advertising
  • Get monthly payments from Davinci
  • Davinci screens all customers
  • Full CMRA compliance
  • No bad debt, no collection hassles
  • No cost to participate
  • Resale programs for Live Receptionist Services
Receptionist Services
  • Call Answering Services
  • Custom Receptionist Services
  • Local & Toll Free Numbers
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Reliable Technology Platform
  • Live Web Chat Services
  • Convert Web Traffic
  • Trained Web Chat Agents
  • Chat Platform & Licensing
  • Leverage In-House
  • Resell To Your Customers
  • Generate Revenues


2017 State of Workspace & Communication Services

A Research Document Highlighting Virtual Workstyles, Trends & Opportunities

Business office service providers, answering and receptionist services, among others are playing a critical role in the workday revolution.  They give companies of all sizes representing myriad industry segments the ability to easily and cost-effectively leverage rented workspaces and meeting rooms, virtual offices, live receptionists, and live web chat solutions.

Aiming to provide workspace and meeting room operators and communications services providers with the latest data, Davinci partnered with an independent research firm to conduct an in-depth analysis of industry information by leveraging a combination of third party and internal data sets.



Davinci Preferred Partner Network Solutions Guide

Delivering Millions in Revenue for 1500-Plus Workspace Providers

Since its founding over a decade ago, Davinci has provided virtual office, communications, and meeting room services to more than 40,000 solopreneurs and businesses in 50-plus countries. Recognizing the value of business partnerships and the need for a global marketing channel for independent workspace operators, Davinci established the Davinci Preferred Partner Network in 2006.

As the landscape for virtual offices and meeting space becomes more competitive, workspace operators have a unique opportunity to generate additional business by working closely with national and global wholesale channels for workspace-related services that function in a similar manner to Expedia and Travelocity in the travel industry. In addition, recognizing that many solopreneurs and businesses need help in managing communications with their customers, Davinci also offers communications services—from auto receptionists, to live receptionists, to live web chat that can be sold and used by Davinci Preferred Network Partners.

Quotes from delighted Davinci Partners

“Davinci is the epitome of an excellent partner to OfficeLinks - they add immeasurable value to our business. Their team is an absolute delight to work with - they are well-informed on the OfficeLinks products, are detailed and courteous.”
“Davinci has been helpful in enabling us to reach clients that we might not otherwise have met. Their knowledge of this space is deep, their team is supportive, and the positive impact on our business notable.”
Metro Offices
“American Executive Centers has truly enjoyed our relationship with Davinci Virtual for over 5 years. Through their global marketing efforts, Davinci is bringing us clients who would never have found American Executive Centers and they are adding significant numbers to our bottom line. Davinci has even referred several private office clients to us. We are happy, Davinci is happy and the clients are happy, the executive suite Trifecta, everybody wins!”
American Executive Centers
“Rockefeller Group Business Centers has been a partner with Davinci for 3 years. I never imagined that they could add so many new clients to our portfolio. In addition to the virtual office clients, we have seen a steady growth in our conference room revenue. What makes this relationship so exciting is the professionalism of the support staff. Not only does Davinci offer a top notch service, but they are constantly looking at ways to increase revenue by adding services.”
Rockefeller Group Business Centers

More details

  • Davinci does all of the initial compliance and set up work for you.
  • We collect the government postal form, get it notarized with two forms of valid ID’s. We will also get the client's mail handling instructions. In fact, Davinci was the initiator of the Global Workspace Association’s Best Practices program for virtual office business and we were the first company to sign the Fraudwatch Initiative Pledge in 2012.
  • The only thing you have to do is allow Davinci to sell your mail only address and your meeting spaces.
  • Each month you invoice Davinci for any services our clients use and we guarantee payment for anything ordered by and processed through Davinci.
  • Davinci sends your monthly revenue payment within 15 business days of physical receipt of invoice – guaranteed!
  • The only thing we ask for in return is a 30% discount on address and mail related services and a 50% discount on all conference room related services.
  • We want to match your retail pricing so there is no confusion on the client's part. If you charge $100 for a mail package, you would invoice Davinci at $70 and we would turn around and charge our client $100. So you get the lion share of $70 and Davinci makes $30.
  • We also refer full-time space leads and ask for the standard 10% referral commission.
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