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Dependable registered agent service and proper incorporation are your company’s first and best defense against legal action. Davinci has partnered with Legalinc to provide you with registered agent and incorporation services nationwide.


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Types of Business Entities We Help Create

Davinci can help you establish any entity type you need, including an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit.

We work with business owners in a variety of industries, including:

  • Advertising and media
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Service industries
  • Technology consultants

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6 Benefits of Incorporating

There are many benefits to incorporating a business. Here are six advantages of using incorporation services.

1. Separating Personal and Business Assets

First and foremost, incorporating your business into an LLC (limited liability company), C corporation, or S corporation separates your personal assets from your business assets. This ensures that your private assets are protected in case of debts, lawsuits, or other factors that might negatively impact your business assets.

While most entrepreneurs believe their business will succeed, responsible business owners understand risks are always present and take steps to mitigate them.

If you don’t incorporate your business, personal and business assets are tied together. If you fall behind on payments as a business, you could lose private assets such as your home or car to recoup the late payments.

It also works the other way around. For example, if you aren’t able to pay off personal loans and file for bankruptcy, your business could be dissolved to pay your debts.

2. Receiving Tax Breaks

When your business becomes a corporation, you’ll get access to tax advantages and savings you couldn’t as an individual. For example, you’ll save a lot of money by filing as a corporation rather than a self-employed business owner.

You’ll also be able to write off items like:

  • Advertising expenses
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Operational expenses
  • Other employee benefits
  • Travel expenses

3. Building Your Business for the Future

Incorporating your business can help prepare it for the future through perpetual existence—which means you can easily pass on your business to someone else, letting your business live on even if you’re not a part of it.

When your business is its own entity, you can have multiple owners and iterations without starting from scratch. This allows for growth and flexibility as markets change throughout the years.

4. Gaining Privacy

Privacy is a concern nearly all entrepreneurs have when starting a business. It’s one of the most common reasons they use a virtual office address—they don’t have to use their home address for business purposes.

Incorporating your business is another way to create a layer of privacy between your personal life and your business. In fact, incorporating your business can even hide your involvement in the business—if that’s what you want.

5. Building More Credibility

Building credibility as a new business can be difficult, and incorporation can be a valuable tool for this purpose. Making your business a corporate entity will give you the credibility you need to get business loans, speak with potential investors, and gain trust from more customers.

6. Protecting Your Brand

As your business becomes more successful, you’ll need to protect it from those who may want to plagiarize you. Incorporating will legally protect your:

  • Business name
  • Products
  • Trademark
  • Visuals like logos and other media

Process of Incorporation

The process of incorporating your business means filling out a significant amount of paperwork—but before doing that, there are a few tasks you need to complete.

Choose What Type of Corporation You Want

Before beginning the incorporation process, you must decide what kind of corporation your business will be. There are many different corporate structures to choose from, including:

  • C corporation
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Nonprofit
  • S Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship

Decide on Your Business Name

If you haven’t already done so, you must decide under what name you will be incorporated. You need to make sure your name is unique and include “Inc.” or “Corp.”

Choose Where You’re Incorporating

Choosing where you want to incorporate is essential because there are different laws, requirements, and benefits for incorporating in different states. Depending on the state, you may need permits or licenses.

Choose a Registered Agent

A registered agent is someone who can accept and mail paperwork for your company. It doesn’t have to be yourself, but it does need to be someone in the jurisdiction where your business operates. Davinci offers registered agent services to assist you in creating your business.

File Paperwork

Finally, you need to file all required paperwork. There will likely be filing fees, so make sure you include these in your budget when you’re ready to incorporate.

Required Documentation

The necessary paperwork will vary depending on what kind of entity you’re incorporating. However, a consistent requirement is “articles of incorporation,” a document filed with the state that lists the following:

  • Business name
  • Name, address, and signature of the incorporator
  • Name and address of the registered agent
  • Names and addresses of the board of directors (if applicable)
  • Number of shares for each share class (if applicable)
  • Type of corporate structure

Post-Incorporation Services

Once the incorporation is completed, you’ll still need to keep your paperwork up to date, which is why Davinci offers registered agent services that extend beyond the incorporation process. Our agents will keep your annual paperwork current so you can focus on other crucial business tasks.

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Here are the answers to the most common questions about incorporating a business.

What Are Incorporation Services?

Incorporation services help establish a business as a formally recognized company, which provides a number of legal and other benefits.

Why Is Incorporating a Business Important?

Incorporating a business is important because it offers many layers of protection and tax benefits. It also helps protect your private assets from being absorbed into your business assets.

Who Should Use an Online Incorporation Service?

Anyone ready to expand their business should use an online incorporation service. An online incorporation service is convenient for busy business owners, allowing them to take care of the incorporation process easily, regardless of location or available hours.

What Is Considered an Incorporated Business?

An incorporated business is any business that has gone through the incorporation process. Different types of incorporated entities include:

  • C corporation
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Nonprofit
  • S Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship

Is an Incorporation the Same as an LLC?

No, an incorporation is not the same as an LLC. An LLC is not a type of corporation, but instead a company.

Why Use Davinci’s Incorporation Services?

Davinci partners with business owners at all levels of business experience. Our entity formation service provides expert assistance with the incorporation process so entrepreneurs can focus on growing their businesses.

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