Make the Most Out of Your Virtual Office With a Registered Agent

Having an registered agent can be a crucial step in making sure your business starts on the right foot and protects yourself and your assets.

Search thousands of virtual address locations

Professional Business Address

Davinci virtual office locations provide you with an impressive business address. Use your address for business licensing or registration and market your new company address on search engines and internet directories.

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Mail Receipt & Forwarding

There will be a staff member available to receive any and all business mail you want at your virtual office location. They will sort it for you and store it securely until it’s ready to be picked up in person or forwarded to you using our business mail forwarding service.

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Lobby Directory Listing for Virtual Offices

Davinci Virtual’s office solutions give you the image and credibility of a well-established business by posting your company’s name in the official lobby directory. An official lobby directory proves your presence and fosters confidence in your company.

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Registered Agent Services

Davinci offers an automated, digital Registered Agent (RA) platform. The platform streamlines the entire Registered Agent experience by tracking and storing Service of Process (SOP), official notifications, and compliance deadlines.

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What Is a Lobby Greeter?

Davinci locations offer a lobby greeter who will welcome your clients to the office and provide assistance. They will ensure your guests are greeted warmly and get to where they need to go.

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Access Professional Equipment with Meeting Room Rentals

Davinci offers outstanding meeting room technology. You will have access to high-speed internet, presentation tools such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, video conferencing, and many other tools and services to make your meeting convenient and successful.

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Business Support Center

We’ll provide you with a business support center that has all of the following must-have services right at your fingertips: copying, color printing, faxing, mailing, shipping and receiving, office supplies, and more.

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Meeting Catering

Davinci meeting catering allows you to keep guests happy and full all day—which helps you maintain focus because we bring delicious food right to you and your guests.

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Registered Agent Services

Davinci has partnered with Legalinc for Registered Agent and Business Formation Services. Legalinc offers an automated, digital Registered Agent (RA) platform. The platform automates the entire Registered Agent experience by tracking and storing Service of Process (SOP), official notifications, and compliance deadlines. The platform alerts you upon receipt of any documents.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is the official point of contact for a company in the area where the company is working.

Most states in the U.S. require all entity types to designate an RA within the jurisdiction where the company operates. The RA provides a physical address open Monday through Friday during regular business hours. They receive and sign for any SOP or official notification, then notify the company of receipt.

Whether you need to establish an LLC, Corporation, Nonprofit, or any other entity type, Davinci powered by Legalinc can facilitate it quickly in every U.S. jurisdiction. The entity type determines how your new business will operate, how you will make decisions and file taxes, and which documents you must file with the state.

Business Creation Types We Service

Davinci services businesses in various industries. We assist in incorporating your business into an LLC, S corporation, partnership, or other corporate entity.

Contact Davinci to learn more about our services.

Service Features

Combining Davinci’s virtual offices with a registered agent offers a variety of advantages making the incorporation process as easy as possible.

Addresses Available All Over the Country

With virtual offices and registered agents in every state, your business can be incorporated anywhere you want. This can help you build credibility by putting your business in a high-value area.

Mail Receipt and Forwarding

With a virtual office, you can receive all business mail, such as legal papers, taxes, and other essential documents. We can either hold this mail for pickup, or, for an additional fee, have it forwarded to the address of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about interrupting your workday to pick up your mail.

Same-Day Scanning

If you need your mail immediately, some locations also offer mail scanning and will email them to you the day they’re received. Your physical mail will still be safely stored or forwarded to you.

Data Protection

Incorporating your business involves a lot of sensitive information, and a business owner needs to know their data is secure. With Davinci, you never have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands.

Online Platform

With our online platform, business owners can find and reserve a virtual office with a registered agent at any time and from anywhere. You don’t need to interrupt daily operations—you can start the process after hours instead.

Incorporation Services

If you choose to incorporate your business, Davinci can help you take that next step. Our partnership with Legalinc grants you access to registered agents who can assist with the process and will update your documents annually.

Benefits of Using Davinci's Services

Here are a few benefits of using Davinci’s virtual office and registered agent services.

Agents Across the Country

Through our partnership with Legalinc, Davinci is able to offer a virtual address with a registered agent in every state within the U.S. This means that no matter where you’re incorporating your business, Davinci can assist you.

Smooth Process

Davinci and Legalinc have created an easy-to-use platform that allows the registered agent process to be automated. You’ll be able to complete the process quickly and get back to running your business.

Experience at Your Side

Davinci has years of experience working with entrepreneurs on developing their businesses. Whether it’s offering affordable office rentals or providing access to virtual offices with registered agents, Davinci has helped many companies at all growth levels.

Other Services Available

Davinci offers additional services beyond virtual offices and registered agents. We provide virtual receptionist services, meeting space rentals, and various amenities with each service. You can get all your business needs taken care of with one company.

Partner with a Davinci Registered Agent Today

Regardless of the entity type you choose, you’ll need a working space and protection for yourself and your assets. Combining a virtual office with a registered agent will provide you with a business address where mail can be received and forwarded to you, plus more amenities if you choose.

Contact Davinci today to learn more about combining our virtual offices with registered agent services.

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