Catering for Office Meetings

A major difference that Davinci Virtual Offices has includes making sure that your team is well fed and ready to discuss and tackle challenges. Our catering processes give you an easy and accessible way to ensure everyone is focused and fed with our office catering for meetings.

Search thousands of virtual address locations

Professional Business Address

Davinci virtual office locations provide you with an impressive business address. Use your address for business licensing or registration and market your new company address on search engines and internet directories.

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Virtual Address Mail Forwarding & How It Works

There will be a staff member available to receive any and all business mail you want at your virtual office location. They will sort it for you and store it securely until it’s ready to be picked up in person or forwarded to you using our business mail forwarding service.

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Lobby Directory Listing for Virtual Offices

Davinci Virtual’s office solutions give you the image and credibility of a well-established business by posting your company’s name in the official lobby directory. An official lobby directory proves your presence and fosters confidence in your company.

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Registered Agent Services

Davinci offers an automated, digital Registered Agent (RA) platform. The platform streamlines the entire Registered Agent experience by tracking and storing Service of Process (SOP), official notifications, and compliance deadlines.

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What Is a Lobby Greeter?

Davinci locations offer a lobby greeter who will welcome your clients to the office and provide assistance. They will ensure your guests are greeted warmly and get to where they need to go.

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Access Professional Equipment with Meeting Room Rentals

Davinci offers outstanding meeting room technology. You will have access to high-speed internet, presentation tools such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, video conferencing, and many other tools and services to make your meeting convenient and successful.

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Business Support Center

We’ll provide you with a business support center that has all of the following must-have services right at your fingertips: copying, color printing, faxing, mailing, shipping and receiving, office supplies, and more.

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Meeting Catering

Davinci meeting catering allows you to keep guests happy and full all day—which helps you maintain focus because we bring delicious food right to you and your guests.

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Meeting Catering

Davinci doesn’t just offer day offices, conference rooms, and meeting spaces—we also have excellent meeting catering services.

No longer will you have people with empty stomachs trying to pay attention during your presentation. When you’re in the zone, there’s no need to interrupt when it is time to eat. Davinci office meeting catering allows you to keep guests happy and full all day—which helps you maintain focus because we bring delicious food right to you.

Benefits of Catering for Meeting Room Rentals

What are the benefits of catering for meeting room rentals? Catering for meeting room rentals enhances productivity because when hunger strikes, people stop paying attention to what you’re saying. Like it or not, food will be the only thing people are thinking about once lunchtime hits. If you need others to contribute, think creatively, and solve problems, having a healthy meal brought in will bring the energy and stamina up, ensuring quality work gets done.

But there are other reasons having your next meeting catered is good for your business. It impresses your clients, investors, and guests. You’ll send the message that you are a thoughtful planner and are willing to pull out all the stops to establish a good reputation for your business. It also takes the pressure off you when you have a professional come in and deliver great-tasting food, with no added work on your end.

Also, catering with your meeting room rental makes your employees feel appreciated knowing you value their hard work and effort. You’ll find that adding a catered meal will greatly increase the excitement and willingness of your employees’ attendance at your meetings. This translates to a good work environment where people feel content and willing to give their best efforts. Food tends to bring people together, enabling professional relationships to flourish on a friendly, genuine level.

Add Catering to Your Next Meeting Room Rental

Davinci’s incredible reputation for quality food and beverage service won’t leave you disappointed. The next time you rent from Davinci, request office meeting catering so you can work through the day feeling full and focused!

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