How Virtual Offices Work

Give your business the image it deserves with a prestigious business address at a fraction of the price

How Virtual Offices Work and How to Set One Up

Whether your business is entirely virtual or you’re not ready to commit to office space, virtual offices continue to be an ideal solution for many entrepreneurs. A virtual office is a service that offers the benefits of an office without the responsibilities of upkeep.

But how do you set one up? How does a virtual office work? Davinci answers all your questions below.

How to Set Up a Virtual Office

Once you know what you need and your budget, it’s time to work with Davinci to set up the ideal space

Choose a Location and Features

Davinci has thousands of virtual office locations available. Pick what best suits your business, then decide which features work with your needs and budget.
Davinci's virtual office benefits include:
  • A physical address
  • A lobby greeter
  • A lobby directory listing
  • A business support center
  • Mail services
  • High-speed internet
  • Presentation tools
  • Catering

Confirm Everything with Davinci

Once everything is sorted and ordered, a customer care representative will reach out within a business hour of your purchase to guide you through the rest of the setup process.

Fill Out US Postal Form 1583

To have your business connected to your new address, you’ll need to complete a US Postal Form 1583, which you can fill out online through our site. You’ll also need to notarize the document and submit two forms of ID.We include a complimentary notary session with the purchase of your virtual office.

Finalize the Process

Once we’ve confirmed receipt of your documents, you can use your new address within two business days.

Typical Features of a Virtual Office

Depending on the virtual office service you choose, you’ll be offered a variety of benefits that can be physical or virtual.

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of a virtual office differentiate them from the characteristics typical of a fully remote office. These features include:
  • A physical business address
  • A place to receive mail and mail services
  • A live receptionist
  • The ability to rent meeting rooms
  • Copying and printing services

Virtual Benefits

Virtual features of this kind of service can include:
  • A remote receptionist
  • A digital mail service
  • A personalized phone number and phone system

Decisions to Make Before Setting Up a Virtual Office

If you haven’t chosen a virtual office yet, you should consider a few factors to help you determine the best space for you.


One of the biggest perks of using a virtual office is placing your business anywhere—Davinci has options available in cities around the world. It’s essential to take time and decide what location will be best for your business.Considerations can include how much a location costs, your target audience, and how the community in that location could affect your business.Sometimes the right address matters in business. Maybe it’s essential to be in a particular city or even on a specific street or part of town. A virtual office enables you to be as picky as you need to be.


You should decide how much money you want to spend monthly on your virtual office. Depending on the service you choose, certain perks may require additional fees.


When setting up a virtual office for your business, consider your needs. Do you only need a physical address? Do you want the ability to use meeting rooms to meet with clients? Will you need to contract a live receptionist? Each of these needs affects pricing.
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