Professional Auto Receptionist Service

Smart, friendly, and available when you need them to be. It’s the professional voice with a personal touch when your customer calls, representing your company, your way. We have a variety of plans for every need: find the one that’s right for you.

Free local or toll-free number

Dedicated Toll-Free Number

Since 2006, Davinci has been providing their customers everything they need to make their business succeed. If they need a meeting room to impress clients, we give it to them. If they need a mail forwarding address to separate work from home, we can handle it. And if they need to get a toll-free phone number or two or three, Davinci is there to provide. What’s a toll-free number and what are its advantages? Follow along below.

Davinci gives you a dedicated toll-free 888, 855, 866, or 877 number, which can be applied to your phone or fax line. Should you ever need more numbers, we can easily cover as many as you prefer. If you would like to have a local virtual number instead, we can provision it immediately so you can get your phone line up and running as soon as possible. Additionally, our virtual PBX solution makes it easy to enable your number for find me / follow-me service. Plus, paired with Davinci’s virtual receptionist, you get the benefits of call filtering so only legitimate calls reach you.

The business world is ready for your arrival, so what are you waiting for?

Live call answering

Live Call Answering Service

Live call answering services help take care of your customers when they (and you) need it most. A live receptionist answering service is when a live receptionist acts as the bridge between you and your callers. The receptionist represents your company, your way, by giving a professional, personal, and crucial human element that many of your competitors lack these days. Each person who calls your number will appreciate having someone who cares enough to help them get the answers they need.

The first point of contact can make or break your business, so don’t leave your customers’ calls unanswered or in the hands of an answering machine. This contact point is critical and deserves personal attention. Show them you truly care by using live call answering with a friendly, professional person on the other end of the line.

Auto-receptionist services are part of our world. They help a lot of businesses offer cost-effective service and they’re not going away, but we all know there’s something about a live answering call service that gives a more personal touch. Davinci can help you with that personal touch.

Whether you receive a large volume of incoming calls or just a few, it makes no difference. Davinci has the perfect answer to your live receptionist answering service needs. We provide receptionists who excel at giving your business its voice. They’re trained and experienced at live call answering. You won’t only be giving your callers exactly what they want, but you’ll also be giving the best first impression possible.

Virtual Receptionist Call Forwarding & Screening

Virtual Receptionist Call Forwarding & Screening

For over a decade, Davinci has been leading the way in the world of virtual office services. Over 30,000 customers utilize our world-class services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in need of high-class live receptionist service, a business phone solution or a live web chat service, Davinci will be with you every step of the way.

What is Davinci’s Call Forward & Screening Service?

With Davinci’s call answering and forwarding service, each one of your telephone calls is screened and routed by a friendly live virtual receptionist. The call can then be forwarded to any employee in the company or to any phone number of your choice, business or personal. With our online command center, you can build your own custom call forwarding schedule. Davinci understands that your time is valuable. That’s why your team of virtual receptionists and virtual assistants are well trained to handle all of your call forwarding, call answering, and call screening needs professionally and efficiently.

Utilize any number of Davinci’s fantastic services—like call forwarding and call answering—you’ll never miss a call again.

Voicemail management

Using a Voicemail Management System: The Advantages & Why to Use One

Davinci provides an easy-to-use business grade virtual voicemail management system, enabling you to add your own custom hold music and transfer messages, voicemail, or introductions. We also enable you to get voicemail to email and voicemail to text. Below are several advantages of voicemail management:

Voicemail to Email

With this included feature of our voicemail management service, you are able to get your voicemails as digital files in your email, so you can open or forward the voicemail easily when you need to – from any device: mobile or desktop. It’s just one of the many ways Davinci saves you time with a voicemail system.

Voicemail to Text

This feature is available as a convenient add-on, and this service transcribes your voicemail into text when you get an email with the digital file. Now you never have to listen to voicemails—you can simply just read them and even have the option to print, forward, search for, and save the text. Originally initiated for our hard-of-hearing and deaf customers, now everyone can get the benefits of simple and accurate voicemail transcription.

Why Utilize Davinci Virtual Voicemail Systems

Davinci’s reputation is long-standing for a reason. When you use one of our excellent virtual office services like voicemail to email, you’ll understand why our customers are more productive.

Advanced call routing & conferencing

Call Routing and Conferencing

We offer the most advanced find me, follow me call setup options with our advanced call routing system. You are able to schedule separate numbers into different groups, set up different numbers and groups by time of day you want them to call in, and even set up the order of which phones you want to ring depending on the number of rings. Our simple drag and drop interface allows you to select the times and days when you want a rule to apply. With our virtual live receptionist service, we can have someone handle all of your client calls. No other solution gives you so much automation and customization power as Davinci does.

We also offer a great conference calling platform that enables you to have private phone calls with clients and associates.

Professionally handled conference phone calls for your business is one advantage you’ll have with our audio conferencing service. Our crystal-clear teleconferencing solution allows you, your customers, and your associates to join a call that can support up to 99 participants. To initiate it, you simply log into your Davinci Virtual account and select ‘Conference Call.’ From there, you’re given step-by-step instructions for the owner and participants. We make it easy for you to set it up and have an enterprise-level system infrastructure in place to easily take care of your needs.

Unlimited long distance calling

Unlimited Long Distance Calling

With Davinci’s unlimited long-distance calling, you’ll have the flexibility of being able to talk to your customers whenever you want in the US and Canada.

We know how important it is for companies to be able to communicate with their clients or customers(and vice versa) without the constraints of long - distance packages and jumping through hoops of trivial time restrictions. This is why Davinci offers unlimited long - distance minutes included with your phone service, so you can close deals, handle customer queries, and assist potential customers. With other service providers, if you speak with a customer on the phone for 1 minute and 3 seconds, they count that as a 2 - minute call. Extrapolate that over the course of a month and that’s a lot wasted minutes and wasted money.

Virtual Receptionist call times are calculated in 1 second increments to maximize your plans. Meaning you’re not paying for valuable seconds that you didn’t use. Davinci knows how important it is to help your business keep the lines of communication open—without the hefty costs to match.

Auto Receptionist

Auto Receptionist

Davinci Virtual’s auto receptionist puts you in control of all your business communication needs. This full-featured communications tool answers all your calls with a professionally recorded greeting, and then routes your callers to your preferred line, whether in-office or mobile.

Our auto receptionist service is equipped with all the features you need to run your business effectively, without having to purchase expensive equipment and sign long-term contracts.

Some of these features are:

  • As many dedicated toll-free (888, 855, 866, or 877) and local phone numbers as you need (two numbers are included for free). These can be immediately assigned to your phone or fax line. If you already have phone numbers you want to continue using, you can forward calls to them at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited long-distance minutes that give you the flexibility to talk to your team and customers who are located throughout the US and Canada. There is no need for expensive long-distance packages that round up your call minutes. With us, you only pay for what you use.
  • Customizable greetings enable you to choose your hold music and your introduction, transfer, and voicemail messages.
  • Advanced call routing with a drag-and-drop interface allows you to set the rules for automatically sending different calls to different lines by order received, time of day, or other preferences. This Find Me Follow Me feature ensures efficiency for both you and your caller.
  • A voicemail management system that sends your voicemails to your email as digital files so you can read, forward, and respond from any device.
  • An easy, impressive, enterprise-level teleconferencing system that delivers crystal-clear audio for up to 99 participants.
  • Online faxing is always available—no need for a dedicated machine or runs to your local UPS or FedEx store. Your Davinci-supplied phone number doubles as a fax line, so you can send, receive, and forward faxes from anywhere you have an internet-connected device. You also have the option of receiving your faxes via email, keeping documents private but easily accessible.
  • Corporate email that features your business website to establish a sense of professionalism.

Every aspect of your auto receptionist service is accessed right at your fingertips. Davinci’s mobile apps give you complete control, so customize and personalize as much as you want, at any time, from anywhere.

When it comes to offering the best professional auto receptionist services, you know you can count on Davinci Virtual. Read our auto receptionist FAQ page, then contact us today to learn more!

Online faxing

Virtual Fax Solutions

Need to send a fax? Chances are you don’t have a fax machine lying around. Which means you’re going to have to rush out to a UPS or FedEx store, where they’ll nickel and dime you every step of the way.

With Davinci’s online fax services, you can send, receive, and even forward faxes all from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you have access to an internet connected device.

Our virtual fax solution allows you to get and send all your faxes via email. Our services allow you to view any fax online, no matter where you might be. To make the solution even more powerful, we allow you to auto - forward faxes to any other fax number or even multiple people via email, so you never have important documents sitting out in plain sight.

And for those of you who might have a fax machine, did you know that your Davinci-supplied phone number also doubles as a fax line? We’ve figured out a way to help you integrate the seemingly archaic act of faxing conveniently and seamlessly into your everyday workflow. Get digital with your fax, and set up service with Davinci today.

How Online Faxing Works

Once you sign up and choose your local, toll-free, or international fax number, you can send and receive faxes immediately. With just three quick steps, you'll be seamlessly integrated into your new fax system in no time:

  1. Sign Up and Get Your Number
  2. Send a Fax
  3. Receive a Fax

Features and Benefits

These key features and benefits make Davinci's online fax service the perfect solution for your faxing needs:

  • Send and Receive from Anywhere: Fax from your computer, phone, or tablet, no matter where you are.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No more paper, ink, or fax machines, reducing waste and costs.
  • Email Integration: Send and receive faxes directly through your email, making faxing as easy as sending an email.
  • Auto-Forwarding: Automatically forward faxes to another fax number or multiple email addresses.
  • Enhanced Security: All faxes are stored digitally and can be encrypted for added security.
  • Customer Support: Access our dedicated support team via email, phone, or chat whenever you need assistance.

Start Faxing Today!

Get started with Davinci’s online fax service and experience the convenience and efficiency of digital faxing. Sign up now and simplify your workflow!

Stellar Davinci customer service

Stellar Receptionist Customer Service

No machine can replace making a real connection with another human being. If you are determined to give your guests the best possible customer service experience, you want a Davinci live receptionist.

Why You Need a Customer Service Receptionist

  • Each point of contact is an important touchpoint, but the first one is perhaps the most critical. You can’t let its potential impact go to waste by offering receptionist customer service that is lacking in excellence and experience.
  • When someone calls your number, they want to hear a friendly, knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone who provides professional service with a personal touch. That’s exactly what you should give them.

Davinci Cares About Your Customers

We know that charging someone other than yourself with the task of providing excellent customer service can feel daunting. Fortunately, with Davinci live receptionist services, you never have to worry. Our professional receptionists’ stellar customer service skills go above and beyond. Davinci will provide you with a receptionist who cares for your clients and customers the way you would—by addressing their needs, resolving their concerns, and assisting them at all times with a pleasant and professional attitude.

Contact us today to learn more about our live receptionist services.

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