Automated Receptionist Services

The Davinci Auto Receptionist is a sophisticated, fully-automated telephone system that handles your incoming calls, routing them to voicemail or a number of your choosing according to your rules.

An automated receptionist service is an essential tool for businesses that receive a high volume of calls. Whether a business uses it for after-hour purposes or to give employees a chance to breathe, more businesses are taking advantage of this useful tool.


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Auto Receptionist

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Sophisticated Call Forwarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Auto Receptionist?

It’s a more advanced form of an auto attendant, an automatic phone answering service. An auto receptionist has more features than an auto attendant.

When customers call, the auto receptionist provides different choices to direct callers. For instance, it will tell your customer to press one for hours, two for customer service, and so on.

Auto receptionists also feature:

  • Customizable greetings
  • Hold music
  • Transfer ability
  • Voicemail messages

What Is a Live Receptionist?

A live receptionist is a real person that handles your business’ calls. They may be located in your office, or you might contract out to a receptionist who works virtually. Either way, they’ll forward calls, make appointments, and take messages.

Having a live receptionist is good for any appointment-driven business. A real person can handle more complex tasks—such as managing and rescheduling appointments—better than a machine. There’s also the human touch when customers call.

While a live receptionist costs more than an automated one, every Davinci Live Receptionist plan includes Auto Receptionist service. The best choice for you depends on your needs. Some companies use a combination of the two.

What Is an Automated Answering Service?

When a customer calls, the automated answering service answers and offers the customer a variety of pre-programmed options. Some options may answer their questions—like what your operating hours are—while others will direct the caller to the department that can help with their issues, such as customer service or billing.

Do Auto Answering Services Work After Hours?

Absolutely. It’s one of the benefits of automated receptionists. Davinci’s answering service not only works after hours but can turn voicemails into emails.

Are Automated Receptionist Services Good for Small Businesses?

Yes, if your business is made up of a small team, having an automated receptionist will alleviate everyone’s responsibilities. As your team juggles multiple roles, an answering service allows them to orient themselves before answering.

How Customizable Are Automated Answering Services?

Davinci’s auto receptionist is fully customizable. One of our customer care representatives will contact you and help you get started with the customization process.

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