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Virtual Office Job Seekers Should Spruce Up Resume

HOUSTON—Looking for a virtual office job? Have you spruced up your resume? Whether you are looking for a virtual office job or something more traditional, your resume is one of the most critical components in the quest to land an interview.

Flex Hour Jobs, an employment web site that focuses on flexible job opportunities, such as telecommuting and virtual office... Read more

Can Virtual Offices Help a Sleep-Deprived Nation Get More Winks?

MIAMI—Are you tired? You are not alone. According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control, more than 40 million workers are getting less than six hours of sleep every night. Could virtual offices help you get more rest? Mine does.

"There about 41 million workers who aren't getting the recommended amount of sleep," study author Dr. Sara Luckhaupt, a medical officer in... Read more

Are You Making Major Mistakes With Your Virtual Office Workers?

MENLO PARK—A lack of communication between staff and management is the most frequent misstep companies make in managing their teams. And that goes for virtual office workers as well as in-house personnel.

So says a survey from Accountemps. The good news is, it's an easy mistake to fix. Just communicate. It’s even easier with <a href="

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Virtual Offices Help Spur Small Business Growth

IRVINE—Virtual offices, along with other on-demand workspace facilities, are the cool kids on the office space block. Small business owners are leveraging alternative workplace strategies to speed up growth plans.

"Increased market awareness and evolving business models are driving high demand for virtual office services," says Martin Senn, COO of Davinci Virtua... Read more

Every Career Challenge Is Tough. Can Virtual Offices Make it Easier?

LOS ANGELES-Are you facing a challenge in your career that seems insurmountable? Are you unsure how to handle it? Do you wish that overcoming your challenge was easier? Even if you work in a virtual office—away from the office politics and distractions—you are still bound to face career challenges.

“Many people I speak to are struggling in their career and my he... Read more


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