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Should I Choose Virtual Office Space or Coworking?

You have questions about traditional office alternatives. Virtual office space offers cost-effective answers. The million-dollar question is: Should you choose a virtual office or a coworking facility?

Although the coworking trend is making headlines in cities like San Francisco and Atlanta, virtual office space is a time-tested alternative to traditiona...

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Can Virtual Office Space Offer Tax Relief?

The oft-dreaded April 15th tax deadline is right around the corner. If you are like many companies, you are getting your business receipts in order to hand over to your accountant.

OK, so what does a virtual office space have to do with your 2009 taxes?

Well, if you are running a bona fide business and use a virtual office space as part of your soluti...

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The Real Reason Virtual Offices Are a Growing Business Trend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen, read or heard about virtual offices. But just because you’ve heard of virtual offices doesn’t mean you really “get” it.

In a nutshell, virtual offices give a company or small business owner key advantages they can’t find with a home office or a traditional office. Read more

Tips for Managing Your Virtual Office

You’ve got employees working from home offices in three cities and it’s a seamless experience for your clients and prospects. You've got a single 800 number answered by a virtual receptionist and routed to each employee’s extension. You've got a single, prominent business address in your “headquarters” city.

That takes care of the externals. But what about the internal organization? Running a virtual office means more than having the rig...

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Virtual Offices: Not Just for Entrepreneurs Anymore

Technology is making possible what was once impossible – and virtual offices are helping businesses large and small ride the wave of the latest office technology innovations.

Indeed, virtual offices aren't just for traditional home-based entrepreneurs anymore. Corporate road warriors and traveling salesmen are tapping into the power of Read more


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