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Study: Telecommuting Employees Happier, More Productive

Looking for a few good reasons to let employees telecommute? I discovered some research from Pennsylvania State University called, "The Good, the Bad and the Unknown About Telecommuting: Meta-Analysis of Psychological Mediators and Individual Consequences."

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Should I Choose Virtual Office Space or Coworking?

You have questions about traditional office alternatives. Virtual office space offers cost-effective answers. The million-dollar question is: Should you choose a virtual office or a coworking facility?

Although the coworking trend is making headlines in cities like San Francisco and Atlanta, virtual office space is a time-tested alternative to traditiona...

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Can Virtual Office Space Offer Tax Relief?

The oft-dreaded April 15th tax deadline is right around the corner. If you are like many companies, you are getting your business receipts in order to hand over to your accountant.

OK, so what does a virtual office space have to do with your 2009 taxes?

Well, if you are running a bona fide business and use a virtual office space as part of your soluti...

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Budget-Minded Entrepreneurs Explore Virtual Offices

Bootstrapping, budget-minded entrepreneurs are exploring virtual offices in a down economy. But it's not just the affordable monthly costs that has start-ups jumping on the virtual office bandwagon (and it's not just the down economy, either) it's the affordable start-up costs that make good sense for companies of all sizes.

Unlike renting traditional office s...

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Telecommuting: More Productive, Less Expensive

Remember when you first heard about the concept of telecommuting? Most companies couldn't imagine how this concept could benefit them.

Fast forward a couple of decades and the notion of virtual offices is catching on as a way for companies to breed more productive workers at lower costs with higher retention rates. What a difference a couple of decades make…<b...

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