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Study: Telecommuting Employees Happier, More Productive

Looking for a few good reasons to let employees telecommute? I discovered some research from Pennsylvania State University called, "The Good, the Bad and the Unknown About Telecommuting: Meta-Analysis of Psychological Mediators and Individual Consequences."

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Why You Don't Need Full-Time Office Space

Small business owners don't always need a full-time, dedicated office space. In decades past, the alternative was working from home and having lunch meetings with clients in restaurants, hoping they didn't ask to come to your office.

The rise of virtual office space helps entrepreneurs overcome the challenges typically associated with working from home, ...

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Should I Choose Virtual Office Space or Coworking?

You have questions about traditional office alternatives. Virtual office space offers cost-effective answers. The million-dollar question is: Should you choose a virtual office or a coworking facility?

Although the coworking trend is making headlines in cities like San Francisco and Atlanta, virtual office space is a time-tested alternative to traditiona...

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All You Can Eat Video Conferencing

Did you know the video conferencing market is set to reach $11.9 billion this year? That’s an amazing figure, and one that shows the sheer demand for this type of collaborative technology.

It’s no wonder. Video conferencing increases productivity, cuts travel expenses, improves communications, strengthens relationships, and otherwise makes you more effective.

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Is ‘Virtual Receptionist’ in Your Vocabulary?

The term ‘virtual receptionist’ may not be in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but it’s certainly in the vocabulary of a growing number of companies, large and small.

Indeed, the virtual receptionist is a growing trend in today’s business world, from Corporate America right down to the bootstrapping start-up – and everywhere in between. In fact, you could...

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