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Going Green Saves Green!

As time has progressed, despite efforts to save the environment, more trees and forest regions continue to be affected in negative ways. So what's the solution? Enter the virtu...

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Virtual is the New Home Office

The majority of small businesses are based at home, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. As such, most all of these businesses enjoy a tax write off deduction. Tha...

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Virtual Offices Make Opening a Business in NYC a Reality

DVO_week4_3New York City has so much to offer both residents and businesses that it’s hard to cover all of it. From culture to food to its progressive, 24 hour nature - New York has alway...

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Virtual Offices

DVO_week4_2Given the way technology has impacted the work place, it is no surprise that recent studies have concluded that in the US, around 26.2 million office jobs are performed outside...

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