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Virtual Offices Can Help in Whooping Cough Epidemic

Forget the swine flu for a minute. There's another potential pandemic starting in California. On Wednesday, health officials gave the whooping cough—a disease of the respiratory mucous membrane—epidemic status in the Golden State. Also known as pertussis, it's called whooping cough because the disease brings severe coughing spells that end with a whopping sound when the person breathes in.

Los Angeles County alone has confirmed 148 cases...

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Davinci Virtual Feature in Salt Lake Tribune Article

Davinci Virtual is making headlines again. The leading virtual office provider has landed in the Salt Lake Tribune in an article entitled, “Welcome to your virtual office. Desk not needed” by Tom Harvey.

Harvey begins his story chronicling the experience of Child Care Insurance Professionals. When you call there, you’re greeted with a pleasant voice. But, as H...

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Virtual Office Takeaways from the Web Worker Survey

Are you a web worker? If so, you’ll be interested in results from the Web Worker Survey 2010.

WebWorkerDaily, along with GigaOM Pro, conducted the survey of web workers, loosely defined as “anyone who works using the web” to discover some keen insights. I wish they had included the use of virtual offices in the study, but we’ll talk more about how these two wo...

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How to Choose a Virtual Office Provider

Is your virtual office provider accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Does it even matter? Davinci Virtual thinks so. That’s why the company sought out BBB accreditation and has been proud to hold the distinction since 2008.

But what does that mean to you?

Here’s how it works: If a virtual office provider—or any other company—is accredited b...

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Davinci Virtual Customers Get Chatty with New Services

Remember when Davinci Virtual rolled out its Live Web Chat? It seems like it was only yesterday. In fact, it was less than four months ago. It officially came to Market in February. Well, apparently we hit a nerve.

In less than four months, Davinci Virtual has reached the 100 customer mark for the Read more


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