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How to Manage Small Business Growth [16 Tips]

Starting and operating a small business is incredibly difficult. Entrepreneurs face many hurdles like limited time and resources, fierce competition, and constantly rising costs. It's hard to find new customers, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and keep existing customers happy. Tough decisions need to be made regarding funding, growth rate, hiring, and long-term strategy. To survive and thrive, small business owners must find ways to overcome these challenges through careful planning, innovation, and sheer determination. 

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5 Hiring Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Hiring new talent is an investment of time and energy, and it's important to get it right. Selecting team members who are a good fit and have the right aptitude will help your small business grow, and it has a direct impact on your company's culture and brand. 

If you're looking to onboard employees or contractors in the near future, consider these five small business hiring tips. 


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What Do Employees Want From Their Employer? [11 Things]

Employers are struggling to retain and hire employees. One study shows that 82% of employees are considering a job change within the next 12 months. Instead of being a competitive job market, it’s a competitive talent market, and employees have more freedom to choose their employer. 

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Maintaining Your Mental Health as a Remote Worker

As great as the perks of the home office may be, there are some significant risks associated with remote work, too. The greatest of these, perhaps, is the mental and physical health challenges that are often associated with telecommuting. Let’s examine those risks and explore strategies for living well while working from home.

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5 Tips for Transitioning Between Working from Home and Meeting in Person

 Like so many things in life, coronavirus snuck up on us gradually — then left us scrambling to figure out the next step in our professional lives. For most of us, it meant a transition to working from home and figuring out how to take care of our tasks remotely.

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