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Small Businesses Turn to Virtual Office Addresses and Rented Meeting Rooms to Reduce Costs

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face today is controlling costs. A sizable portion of their expenditures go toward renting and maintaining office space. In fact, research shows they spend nearly 10 percent of their revenue on office space. Only employee wages and inventories rank higher.

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How Small Businesses Can Turn a “Penny Spent” into “Pounds Saved”

All of us have heard the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Our parents probably recited it to us innumerable times when we were growing up, and now we tell the same thing to our kids. 

Small businesses certainly know the implications of this wise-old saying. Indeed, lack of capital is one of the foremost reasons small businesses struggle to grow. Strategies to cut costs is top of mind for many small business leaders. A quick Google search on the top yields countless articles and blog posts on ways small businesses can reduce their expenses.

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How to Send a Cold Email to One’s Dream Internship

Sending a cold email to a company you’re determined to work for is intimidating. You want to find the right balance between professional and personable, as well as make the recipient interested enough to actually respond. The good news is that cold emailing can be successful if you know what to do:

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Workplace Providers Presented with New Revenue Opportunities

Business is good for Workspace as a Service (WaaS) providers. Mobile disruption and changing work and workplace dynamics are critical enablers spurring the growth. Whether you’re an office business center, a coworking space, a meeting venue, or offer a hybrid model, the opportunities are vast.

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