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Small Company, Big Roar: How a Small Business Can Create a Big Impression

Nimble and quick, small businesses are never short on confidence. In order to survive today’s economic landscape, small businesses need innovation to stay ahead of the larger competition.

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Attention to the Details with a West Village Address

DVO_week29_3New York City. Big buildings, big reputations, and all companies want a piece.  One of the most sought-after neighborhoods is West Village, a chic and wealthy center in the ...

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Cents and Sensibility: The Perks of Virtual Offices

DVO_week29_2Whether it’s the glitzy glamour of Downtown Miami, the polished image of West Village, or the political draw of Washington, D.C., there are some cities just calling your bus...

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Come On, Come Through, New York, New York

DVO_week29_1Frank Sinatra knew what he was talking about when he sang, “I want to be part of it, New York, New York.” Everyone wants to be a part of the city. It has an undeniable lure ...

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What's the Difference Between an Auto Attendant, a Secretary, and a Live Receptionist?

Secretaries, auto attendants, and live receptionists, oh my! There are few office staples as common as the receptionist behind the welcome desk. However, the look and feel of offices today is radically different than the rows of cubicles and coffee ring stains of yore. Naturally, receptionist work is radically different too, and far more customizable to the needs of businesses.

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