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How Live Web Chat Can Benefit Your Law Firm

When it comes your existing clients, they also want multiple engagement options—phone, email, online self-service, live web chat, and text. Rarely does one engagement channel suffice, but rather they want to engage with you at any time, on any device through their channel of choice.

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Why Coworking Operators Should Monetize Virtual Office Addresses

In response to market demands and needs, coworking spaces now offer private offices, dedicated desks, hot-desking options, meeting rooms, and specialized services and amenities. Yet, there is one key service that coworking operators have failed to embrace: virtual offices. Offering virtual offices can prove to be a smart and strategic business decision for coworking operators. 

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8 Ways a Live Virtual Receptionist Will Make Your Office More Efficient

Davinci Virtual Live Receptionist services will help your business thrive in today's fast-paced work environement. Give yourself the freedom and time to do the things you need to, and we'll take care of the rest! 

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25 Important Tips to Manage a Productive Virtual Team

While some organizations are swimming against the tide driven by today’s digital age and adhere to the belief that employees—and contractors—must be based in the same office, the majority are jettisoning the traditional workplace structure in favor of virtual teams. Not only can organizations recruit and retain top-quality workers quicker and easier, but they also perform better. Additionally, a virtual team is more agile, able to respond to new business opportunities faster than peer teams shackled to a physical office space.

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How Virtual Offices Are Helping Lawyers & Providing Them a Competitive Edge: 20 Use Cases

So, what are virtual offices? They are professional coworking spaces, day offices, and conference rooms that can be rented on-demand.

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