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What Do I Need to Start Freelancing?

For most people, freelancing starts practically by accident. A friend or family member asks them to help with a project and offers to pay for it. Freelancing can be an excellent way to earn extra money on the side or to build a career around your lifestyle. It can be an occasional or full-time occupation and allows for great freedom and flexibility.

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Live Web Chat Services vs. Email Support: Which One is Best for Your Business?

The average digital attention span is counted in seconds. Psychological and behavioral studies were documented by Malcolm Gladwell in his best-selling book Blink, which explored the adaptive conscious and the mental processes that rapidly—and automatically—process information and form impressions based on it. Research, accordingly, reveals that digital interactions require a response in eight seconds. Individuals are targeted constantly with notifications, ads, emails, texts, and more via smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices. 

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Commercial Address vs Residential: What's the Difference?

When you first launch your business, administrative details such as choosing a commercial address vs residential may seem unnecessary. However, there are benefits to selecting a commercial rather than residential address for your business address.

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