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Utilizing Your Time at Home Without Becoming Sedentary

People have been spending more time at home than ever over the last couple of years. Because of the pandemic, remote work has become “the norm” for millions. As of now, about  4.7 million Americans work from home at least half the time. 

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Questions Raised by Increased Remote Work

We’ve heard time and time again how remote work is increasing, and the traditional Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 work schedule will no longer be the norm. Instead, companies worldwide are embracing the idea of fully remote or hybrid work schedules, raving about how they benefit company culture and improve overall productivity.  

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Why Location Matters in Business: 5 Reasons and Counting

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath fueling the launch of a record number of businesses, competitive pressures on those new business will be significant. Many may not realize it, but the location of a business plays a pivotal role in its success. Business locations that garner great first impressions and bolster brand awareness and perception will have a competitive edge.

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3 Rules for How to Name Your Small Business

If you’re wondering how to name a small business, or if there are specific dos and don’ts then you’re in the right place. While deciding on a business name is a personal decision, there are some best practices to be aware of now to help you avoid problems later.

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Can You Run a Law Firm as a Virtual Office?

Running a successful law firm requires strategic planning at all levels. This is most evident in the way you handle each individual matter that is brought into your law firm, but it is also true of the way you aim to attract new clients, choose the core of your practice, and how you select the market where you establish your law firm. 


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