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What Your Mother Never Told You About Time Management

Time management. It’s an issue that directly impacts productivity. So before you fly to your next meeting in Chicago, consider how virtual office space can help you save the trip—and get home in time for dinner.

Sure, you can make good use of travel time to catch up on reports, plan new projects or write business letters. But no matter how efficient you ...

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Can Virtual Office Help Stop Spread of H1N1?

The Centers for Disease Control are warning of a rash of H1N1 flu in Georgia. Health officials are calling the late season outbreak of swine flu a “worrisome trend” of persistent flue across the Southeast U.S.

It’s not just Georgia, either. Alabama and South Carolina are also reported increased flu activity. Swine flue cases are also being reported in Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana and Arkansas.

<a h...

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What Do Bank of America and Davinci Virtual Have in Common?

What do Bank of America and Davinci Virtual have in common? One common denominator is Cisco conferencing solutions.

Indeed, the big news on the Fortune 500 front today is video conferencing. Bank of America and Cisco on Monday announced an agreement to launch the largest network of Cisco TelePresence systems. The first 200 units will be installed across the bank’s global operati...

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Prepare for Hiring Growth with Virtual Offices

According to the U.S. Labor Department, first-time claims for jobless benefits declined more than expected last week. It's a clear sign that the economy is slowly recovering.

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Will Virtual Offices Make their Debut at CTIA?

The CTIA show is underway in Las Vegas this week. But for all the new Android-powered mobile phones, netbooks and other electronics devices, there is yet a set of innovative technologies that won’t be featured at the show: virtual offices.

Virtual offices are based on cost-saving technologies that aim to help entrepreneurs, small and large businesses alike do ...

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