Virtual Assistants Can Execute Your Social Media Strategy

Now that you've developed a social media strategy, it's time to hand it off to a virtual assistant who can execute it in brilliant form.

In order to succeed with social media marketing, you need to keep up with posts in Facebook, comments on blogs, Direct Messages on Twitter and all the rest. You won't get much ROI on your social media plan if you don’t work the plan diligently. That's why you should consider a virtual assistant to run with the social networking ball.

So how do you execute a social media strategy?

1. Start by setting some daily goals. How often do you want to post to your social networks or blogs? Make sure you give your virtual assistant the materials he or she needs to properly execute the strategy. If you are going to post several times a day, send the virtual assistant all the content at the beginning of the day and set a posting schedule that they can follow daily.

2. Engage with your audiences. Be sure your virtual assistant knows enough about your products and services to intelligently engage with audiences on trends in your industry, questions about your company, and so on. Your virtual assistant can also be dispatched to comment on your behalf on other social media accounts and blogs related to your industry. Again, just make sure they know enough to comment intelligently.

3. Act on feedback. What type of feedback are you getting in the social media world? Make sure your virtual assistant alerts you when you hit on a big topic that spreads like wildfire so you can do it again. And if you are getting backlash, make sure your virtual assistant knows to alert you right away so you can step in and comment personally, if appropriate.

These are just a few of the ways a virtual assistant can help you execute your social media plan. As you get more comfortable, you can off-task additional social media duties to your virtual assistant so you can keep growing your impact in the social networking world without missing a beat keeping up with your clients.


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