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Avoid Office Pet Peeves With Virtual Office Space

Do you have office pet peeves? Most people do. LinkedIn set out to discover what the most common ones are—and the results are telling.

"In nearly every office there's at least one co-worker whose quirks drive colleagues up the cubicle wall," says Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's connection director and best-selling author of the book, "Girl on Top." "Sometimes the most irritating office offenders don't even realize that their behavior impacts...

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How Social PR Can Help Your Small Business

Public relations campaigns have always been one of the main streams a medium, or large business would use to reach out to their prospective clients.

The idea is simple: Get inside the everyday life of potential clients, without making it look like an ad, using a clever trick or two, at times. As the Internet progresses, more companies are finding out that their best target audience could be regular participants in an industry-related so...

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Schedulicity Offers 7 Facebook Fan Page Tips

Looking for some social media tips for your small business? Schedulicity is coming to the rescue with some strategic advice, particularly for your Facebook fan page.

So whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established small business owner still trying to make social media work for you, read on for some practical advice that will help you drive the results you need on Facebook.

1. Start Using Social Media Now</str...

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How to Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Looking to ramp up your social media marketing efforts? Then I’ve got good news for you. There’s a new online resource to help your small business get started with social media marketing—or improve your success on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media tools.

And wait … it gets better. These resources are absolutely free—and they come from a reputable source. Constant Contact is serving up what it has dubbed the Social Media ...

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Impressing Picky Employers

Let's face it. Hiring has slowed recently, and companies have become even more selective about who they are recruiting.

What does that mean for you? Either start your own small business or quickly learn the "must-do" ways to succeed with pickier employers.

"Hiring has improved this year over 2010, with 54 percent of employers in the survey indicating they have added workers. However, companies have become much pickier in the typ...

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