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How to Choose a Location for Your Business [5 Tips for Entrepreneurs]

Choosing a location for your business is not always a straightforward decision. There are many factors to consider such as location, budget, accessibility, brand and how you feel in the space.

Think about it this way. Global companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks aren’t in the business of burgers and coffee—they’re really in the business of real estate. They know how to choose the best locations in order to skyrocket their profits and continuously grow their businesses.

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Can You Run a Business from Home? [Yes, and Here's What You Need]

Many new businesses that are started each year aspire to be the next billion dollar business. This past year, a record number of businesses were started—5.4 million (20% more than any previous year on record). And while 2022 numbers are a bit lower due to economic headwinds, down 11% compared to the same quarters in 2021, they are still higher than pre-pandemic levels; 23% higher as compared to 2019. 

Some of these businesses have numerous employees, while others are run by solopreneurs. Some may start with the assumption that they need a permanent, fixed office space. But many weigh their options and are electing to run their businesses from coworking space, day offices, home offices, or a combination of the above. Permanent office space is expensive and lacks the flexibility small businesses require. 

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7 Ways Live Chat Increase Conversion Rates

The world was already experiencing a significant influx in digital engagement before the pandemic, which dramatically accelerated adoption rates. Some businesses that lacked a coherent digital strategy simply failed; they went out of business over the past two and a half years. And the implications applied to small businesses just as much as it applied to large enterprises. 

Digital transformation for a small business takes many different forms. Some of the areas where small businesses need to ensure they have digitally transformed their businesses:

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