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New Ways of Working Includes Virtual Offices, Telecommuting

LOS ANGELES, CA—New Ways of Working, a research consortium focused on alternative workplace solutions, has some new revelation for the virtual office world.

The group’s latest research report is called Overcoming Barriers to New Ways of Working—and it’s chock full of insights. The report, which covers new ways of working like Read more

How Teleconferencing Boosts Virtual Office Productivity

LONDON—With the Olympics coming up, many companies are exploring—or at least being encouraged to explore—flexible working through vehicles like virtual offices and telecommuting. With this in mind, Powwownow is offering suggestion that complements the virtual office: teleconferencing.

Powwownow is reporting a 30 percent increase in its teleconferencing business ... Read more

Can Virtual Offices Help Diffuse the Ticking Retirement Time Bomb?

BOULDER—Did you know that there are 77 million people in the United States that are 55 or older?

Indeed, we are at a tipping point—and employers can do one of two things: watch them sit on the sidelines, drawing from unsustainable entitlement programs and the general economy, or enable them to continue working and contribute to the country's economic growth and prosperity. Read more


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