What's the Difference Between an Auto Attendant, a Secretary, and a Live Receptionist?

Secretaries, auto attendants, and live receptionists, oh my! There are few office staples as common as the receptionist behind the welcome desk. However, the look and feel of offices today is radically different than the rows of cubicles and coffee ring stains of yore. Naturally, receptionist work is radically different too, and far more customizable to the needs of businesses.

In today's marketplace, businesses can choose from a traditional secretary, an auto attendant, or a remote live receptionist. There are several differences between the three, though a Davinci Live Receptionist is by far the most versatile for small and medium-sized businesses.

A Secretary

A secretary is usually an in-house employee. He or she answers calls, takes messages, and directs clients to the proper meeting rooms. A secretary makes sense for larger corporations with higher budgets. However, an in-house secretary is often out of budget for a small business or may not make sense for a company with a telecommuting staff.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is an automated secretary. The auto attendant greets callers with a friendly pre-recorded message and then prompts the callers with a few questions to best direct the calls to the appropriate extension lines. A separate message can be set for when the business is closed for the evening. This option suits companies with several departments and extension lines, if they're not looking for a live secretary in-house. However, a live voice is often preferred by callers.

Davinici Live Receptionist

A Davinci Live Receptionist combines the best of both worlds in terms of off-site service and a live friendly voice. The live receptionist works off-site and answers calls, takes messages, responds to emails, and answers customer questions. The live receptionist is an excellent option for small businesses, start-ups, telecommuting companies, or any type of company looking for live service but without the cost of a full-time in-house employee. Davinci's friendly live receptionists are highly-trained professionals who skilfully handle any customer questions and client inquiries.

Modern times deserve modern receptionists, and with Davinci Live Receptionists, companies are ahead of the game in terms of professionalism and assistance.


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