Reasons each full time photographer needs a virtual assistant

More and more professional photographers are wondering how to optimize routine work in the face of a shortage of personnel? What benefits can be obtained from modern business tools? High-tech solutions make life easier for entrepreneurs around the world. It also applies to our country. Today it has already firmly entered the funnel of modern European trends. Thus, a virtual assistant for photographers is one of the best ideas photographers can come up with.

Self-employed photographers use technological solutions. They allow you to increase productivity and simplify communications. It also gives you the opportunity to make more profit. In addition, many digital platforms allow you to reduce the time for routine work. As a result, the specialist can free up more space for the creative, more important part of the business. With the help of an automated assistant and a digital office, this is not at all difficult to do. The modern photographer virtual assistant will help you solve many business and personal problems.

What is the advantage of a virtual office? Virtual Assistant Options

By the end of 2021, two concepts have undergone global transformations: work and learning. The latter type of activity was under serious attack at the beginning of 2019. They were carried out by many well-known figures in the field of science. As practice has shown, it is not necessary to constantly visit the university building for effective learning. The main driving force of education is the desire to learn what you love.

The second fragment of the transformation of the traditional sphere of human activity is work. After the protracted pandemic, many companies switched to a remote format of cooperation. Everyone perfectly understood the advantages of this solution. It provided a reduction in the cost of renting an office, on the way to jobs, etc. But the main thing is safety and high productivity.

A virtual office allows you to multiply the benefits of remote work. A virtual assistant will help you organize your workflow with the greatest efficiency. The digital platform involves an assortment of online tools. There are two most important options. It is the actual address and the digital assistant.

The last tool will allow you to save time on everyday routine work and, as a result, gain time for more important things. The actual address will automatically provide the owner with a number of benefits:

• Possibility to register LLC as the most convenient form of ownership in dealing with large customers. When a customer is registered as an LLC, it is more convenient for him to conduct workflow with a counterparty. The person does it on a similar platform.

• The actual address gives more opportunities for the photographer to register on the bulletin boards. The specialist can also register with Google catalogs and services for the personal photography tasks and jobs solution. It is an important trump card for developing your own business. Clients have great confidence in contractors with a real address.

• Online secretary who answers calls 24 hours a day.

• Address for correspondence with the possibility of forwarding letters to your home address.

• Personal number of city telephone and fax. All incoming calls and messages can be redirected to a mobile phone number.

If desired, the client can use the real lease of premises for presentations or meetings with customers. The photographer reserves the necessary time, invites clients and negotiates if necessary. You can read more and improve your business with this information.

One of the biggest inconveniences in working as a freelancer with a large client is the lack of an actual address. This also applies to photographers. Serious companies do not always want to deal with small contractors. A similar disadvantage is now easily solved with the help of a virtual office. Since you will have a location, you will be able to register your company in the future. You can also register a form of ownership and use the Google My Business service.

In addition to standard functions, phone and address, the solution package contains a useful option. It is a virtual assistant. This tool allows you to replace a secretary in a traditional office. Thanks to this, you can receive high-quality support in all organizational matters related to your business and ideas. If you have any questions, check out iiba.org. Here you will find the answers.

What is a virtual assistant and what are its benefits?

Virtual Assistant is an online service with the function of a personal secretary for organizing workflows. This tool can be used separately. But in a virtual office package, the photographer will have more options (a high-tech solution designed for planning the working day). It can be used to answer work calls, reminders of business meetings, search for places to work and rest.

The technology is available as an app. This can be tied to an office or mobile phone. The application's main feature is the ability to respond to voice messages. The program is able to self-learn and adapt to the individual characteristics of the owner.

The virtual assistant application processes information based on the user's geolocation. It focuses on the interests and previous requests of customers. That is, it is a full-fledged artificial intelligence. It can replace a real interlocutor and do the work of a secretary. In addition to the function of working time administration, the service has many advantages:

• Handling business calls in the office. Organize and forward messages by priority importance based on planned parameters. For example, Davinci Virtual has such a set of functions.

• The system of voice reminders of important meetings and negotiations. Voice prompts give you advance notice of scheduled presentations and meetings with clients.

• Organization of business correspondence with the client. Communication with a modern system is difficult to distinguish from a live employee. This option allows you to negotiate and correspond with business partners remotely successfully. The solution is relevant for many wedding photographers who spend most of their time shooting. In their absence, there is no one to assign incoming requests to.

• Functions for the formation and approval of invoices. Just salvation for a lone photographer with a large number of customers. But provided that they are calculated by bank transfer. The necessary services for work also require payment of bills. For example, photobanks, photo studios, delivery services. When there is no time to deal with accounts in the office, you can enter a request in an online form for the CRM system. The virtual manager will formulate and send an invoice to pay for the necessary services.

• Voice consultations. It is a real lifeline in multitasking. The application can independently inform customers about the photographer's work schedule. It notifies you about the conditions of current promotions, loyalty programs, tariffs for services. Advanced systems can independently register a client on the site. They can also book a studio shoot or connect with a competent manager.

Flexibility, practicality, and the ability to learn are the hallmarks of virtual assistants. They distinguish modern solutions from previous generations. Outdated solutions performed only the function of an organizer for planning working time. But high-tech apps can make or break appointments. They are also able to book a room. Contact LinksManagement if you are interested in these solutions.

Modern virtual solutions are closely related to geolocation services. They take into account all the informational features of the owner before performing the task. This provides a fundamentally better level of service. It also allows you to use the system to solve many business problems.



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