Why You Should Start Your Business Out of a Virtual Office Instead of Your Garage

So you want to emulate your entrepreneur heroes and start your billion dollar business right from your garage? After all, there are a lot of examples of companies that have had that same humble start and are now on top of their game. Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Mattel, even Disney, all started from a garage. 

Appealing as it may be to follow in their footsteps, you have to take into account the fact that the world has changed quite a bit since Google started out in ‘98. In today’s world, competition is fierce in every niche and before doing business with anyone it is easy to do in-depth research about any company, that is why they have to be careful about how they present themselves online and offline as well. If you start your business out of your garage your potential clients will know and they won’t be amused with what will be perceived as a lack of professionalism. Any competitor with an office will be a way more appealing choice than your garage, no matter how nice you make it look. 

The reason why you want to start in your garage is most likely because you believe that having an office is an unnecessary and very high expense. Again, that was true when Amazon started out in ‘94. Today you have the option of starting your business out of a Virtual Office. With a Virtual Office you get an impressive business address, mail forwarding services, your business gets listed in the lobby directory, you get access to modern and fully equipped meeting rooms and the ability to market this virtual address on search engines and internet directories. And all of these services don’t necessarily come with a big price tag. 

In today’s world the business adage: “location, location, location” is still true, so starting your business out of a virtual office is the better choice when compared to starting out of your garage. 


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