6 Practices That Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger

When you're a small company, it's very easy to feel small. And if you feel small, you're more likely to take small risks, have little goals, and aim at reasonably low targets. But it’s not necessary to stay small! Thankfully, you can utilize the following six intelligent strategies to make your company seem more sizable than it is currently. Make sure to use all these unique concepts — or even just one or two — to get the best results for your company and to fuel your expansion.

Fake It Till You Make It

Many people who run small businesses behave unconsciously with the awareness that they aren't that big. For example, you might incorporate your business with your own name, speak in terms of "I" (instead of “we”) during meetings with clients, or utilize first-name-only email addresses that showcase the small scope of your business. These practices, intuitive as they are, can prove unwise because they let people know there are only a few people at your company (or just you, solo), which may deter some individuals from hiring you if they want the support of a bigger, established organization.

Even worse, this behavior can become self-fulfilling, making you feel small, which can also dampen your drive, determination, and dedication. To talk yourself and your business, always use the pronouns "we" and “our” (instead of “I” and “my”) when discussing your business. Use both first and last names in email addresses, and come up with a more inventive, more expansive name for your company than simply your own first and last. These steps can help you stand out from others and, in a way, let you "fake it till you make it" on your business stature.

Purchase Great Promotional Items

Promotional items can be a unique way of making your company stand out from those around you. These vary from items such as pens and golf tees up to clothing like shirts and shorts, and even coolers and other useful items. Even if you're a small company, you should try to utilize promo items to get your company’s name and logo out there in front of the eyes of potential customers.

When you buy promotional items, you make your company feel bigger by providing you with things to give out. These items will make people think that you have a more extensive base because often small companies can’t afford them. Even better: If you're smart with your tax calculations, you can usually deduct these items from your taxes and save more money.

Take Care of Your Social Media

Social media can suck a lot of your time up during the workday, but using it correctly can help your business succeed in a variety of ways. You can create active and vibrant social media accounts that you update daily with interesting, informative, or entertaining posts. In this way, you stimulate a constant flow of information both in and out of your pages and help people take notice of your company in a way they might not do otherwise.

For example, you can upgrade your LinkedIn pages, posting informative articles about the workings of your industry, to ensure that you lure in a lot of followers. A large number of followers will impress anyone who checks out your page. Just as importantly, you need to maintain a steady flow of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook posts (not all of them, just the ones that your target market uses most). These help to create the illusion that you have a large and vibrant company that’s engaged with the world and your client base.

Upgrade Your Technology Options

Staying ahead of the technology curve is one particularly subtle —but significant — way to stand out from your competitors. Many small companies starting out can’t afford the most expensive items and may use older computers to avoid high overhead costs.

But this could be a “Depression mentality” tactic that backfires by keeping your operation chained at the level of sub-par tech capabilities. Focus instead on leveraging high-powered technology. For example, cloud storage not only safeguards privileged client information, but it also keeps important team projects accessible to all employees anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection. By using it, you'll not only expand your logistical and operations capabilities, but you also can impress others and make your company appear much more forward-thinking — a trait people associate with strong, established companies. 

Buy a Virtual Receptionist

Small companies like yours rarely need a receptionist to take their calls or track appointments. However, you can hire a “virtual receptionist” service to perform many of these tasks for you without costing you a regular salary or a benefits package. Surprisingly, these services provide your business with a broad range of advantages that make them more than worthwhile for your company’s bottom line.

While a virtual receptionist may seem like an expensive investment, they can be a great choice if you're struggling to make your business feel bigger. For example, always having a receptionist to answer calls will make callers think you have a bustling and busy workforce who’s always on the ball — and they'll be impressed when they leave a message. 

Move to a New and Smaller City

Lastly, you may want to change up your location if you find that you have a hard time carving out a niche in a large city. For example, moving to a less dense and more affordable city, such as Kansas City, for example, can help you to offer your services to a more targeted group of people and fight with less competition at the same time.

This benefit is significant because you can potentially reach all the right people while spending less on a variety of aspects. For example, you typically have to pay less rent in Kansas City than you would in New York City or Chicago, so you can funnel those funds back into operations.

Making your company feel larger doesn't mean that you have to immediately make it larger. Instead, you can perform a few simple tricks to not only make others think your company is more significant but to eventually achieve that state, yourself. And trust me when I say that there’s nothing better than knowing your company is growing in prominence and expanding it through your hard work and sharp skills.  


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