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Avoid the Mistake of Disjointed Customer Service Engagement

There is nothing more frustrating than repeating your account information or personal details during a customer service session with a company. Whether it is moving between service representatives on the phone or moving between channels (e.g., live web chat to phone), these experiences stick out like a sore thumb and are one of the top service irritants for customers.

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Don’t Answer Your Phone: 7 Reasons to Not Pick Up

You’ve launched your new business, done a bang-up job on your website and even achieved some ranking on Google so that business is now starting to come to you…now what is the next step to growth? Don’t answer your phone.

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Virtual Address Helps Florida Startup Shine

When Don Jones walked into his new home to see his pregnant wife teetering on a chair, struggling to reach an 11-foot ceiling fan, he was scared for her safety. He knew there had to be a better way.

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