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Take the Bull by the Horns with a Davinci Virtual Office Solution on Wall Street

The bell rings and suited men and women begin to wildly trade stocks and bonds, as the country’s economy ebbs and flows with them. Wall Street in New York is the nation’s premier location for all things financial in America, making a business address on Wall Street an invaluable bragging right in nearly all types of businesses.

Wall Street is home to the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange. Other exchanges also have their headquarters in the Wall Street area, like NASDAQ, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and the New York Board of Trade. Nearly every high-powered business has a stake in what happens on Wall Street, including giants like Walmart, Apple, Sony, and McDonalds.

If you want to be in the same league as all of these titans of industry, you can’t pass up having an address on Wall Street. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to pay the sky-high prices to actually rent an office on the street itself. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions allows you to rent an address for an affordable price, without killing your monthly budget on a physical space.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions doesn’t just give you an address and that’s that. You’ll receive mail forwarding service, a name on the directory, and a live receptionist who will answer and forward all of your calls. Your Davinci Virtual Office Solution also allows you the possibility to rent a meeting room in the building when you’re in town and need to meet with a client. These Davinci Meeting Rooms are just as polished and professional as the steel-minded street itself.

Members of Wall Street are always hoping for a “bull market”. A bull market is an upswing in stocks, and is indicative of consumer optimism, and investor confidence. You always want your business on the bull end of things, as you want your profits rising up, and your business making bigger impressions on the market each year. A solid reputation with a Wall Street address is just one of the ways to inspire this kind of investor confidence in your company.


Troubles You Don’t Need to Worry About While Working from Home

When you work outside of your home, your workday technically begins as soon as you leave the house and ends when you arrive home. While you may not be on the clock during your morning commute, work mode starts as you battle morning rush hour, only to face evening traffic on the way home, all while trying to squeeze in time to exercise and swing by the dry cleaners before you start on dinner.

However, when you have a virtual office, you can work from home, while still maintaining the business address where you want. Enjoy a business address in a prime business district and worry less about the nuances of getting there and back when you work remotely.


Never again will you jump on a conference call late because your bus didn’t arrive on time, or because the highway shut down due to a car pileup. When you work from home, you can roll out of bed and even have time to prep before you promptly call into your 9:00 am meeting. There aren’t any distractions or delays outside of your control when you work remotely.

The Dry Cleaners

You know your favorite pair of slacks you can only wear once before they crease so much they look like you pulled them from the very bottom of your laundry pile? Well, when you work from home in your PJs, you don’t have to worry about racking up a laundry mat bill or driving to and from the dry cleaners every week. And as long as you wear your comfy clothes in your home office, you can skip the iron and work clothes shopping sprees too!


When you’re not spending hours of your precious day commuting, you can easily find 30 minutes to exercise. If you have a treadmill or weight machines in your home, it’s simple to use your lunch break to squeeze in a quick jog or a few weight sets. Or when you’re not concerned about hitting traffic, you could use the time you saved from not sitting in traffic to head to the gym. Your health isn’t something you should compromise, so take advantage of the extra time you have to raise your heart rate when you work remotely with a virtual office.


Avoid Real Estate Price and Millions of Commuters with a Chelsea Virtual Office

Manhattan sits in first place on Forbes’ 2012 list of the 100 most expensive zip codes in the United States. The New York City borough is home to the priciest real estate, which means the city must be doing something right to attract contenders willing to fork out the cash to live and work in this city hot spot. While the prices of home properties may deter some, companies are more than thrilled to pull out their wallets and sign the leases on office spaces in Manhattan. After all, the borough welcomes nearly one-and-a-half million commuters each day, more than any other city or country in the world. No wonder there’s so much traffic in New York City!

Though Manhattan is clearly a happening spot, it does include slightly calmer spots, such as Chelsea. This neighborhood in particular is a diverse and artsy part of Manhattan, representing the many different ethnicities of this area. Though Chelsea may be a tad off the beaten path, as far as the rest of bustling Manhattan is concerned, it’s still a highly sought-after destination.

Any business address associated with Manhattan is sure to wow consumers and clients alike, and a Chelsea address is no exception. Landing an office in a Manhattan neighborhood such as Chelsea gives off the impression of success. It says you’ve made it in the business world. Now what if you could acquire a Chelsea business address without paying outrageous real estate prices and dealing with over a million commuters? Well, with Davinci, you can!

Davinci Virtual offices are all the rage, as they provide your business with a legitimate business address in Chelsea without requiring you to actually move your office into Manhattan. A virtual office simply provides you with a real address for your business and a mail forwarding option so your company can receive its mail wherever it’s actually located. Your company only pays a small monthly fee to use this address at its will. This gifts you with the luxury of having your business associated with Manhattan’s reputation while avoiding the nuisances of a physical office space in the city.


Defense is the Strongest Offense with a Colorado Springs Davinci Virtual Office Solution

The best defense is a strong offense. You want your business on the cutting edge, especially if your business is involved with technology or military defense. While the images of Washington, D.C. or the Bay Area may come to mind when you think about high-powered cities, Colorado Springs is also a big contender in the tech and defense market.

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado, and home to some of the largest military and technology companies out there. In fact, defense and technology are the top two contributors to the city’s economy, and the military alone employs about one-fifth of the entire workforce in Colorado Springs.

Big names like Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Harris Corporation, and Lockheed Martin are just a few of the defense corporations within the Colorado Springs city limits. Meanwhile, tech giants like Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, and SAN represent the technology sector in this rocky mountain town.

If your business is in any way related to these two industries, this is the city to be in. However, it’s not always cost-effective to move an entire office to a new city. Moving means rent costs, moving costs, decorating costs, not to mention the price of uprooting an entire workforce. This is when a Davinci Virtual Office Solution comes into play, so you can have the business reputation you need without the physical move.

A Davinci Virtual Office Solution allows you to rent an address in Colorado Springs, complete with a live receptionist who answers the phones, and a mail delivery program, which delivers your incoming mail anywhere you request.

A Davinci Virtual Office puts your business address in close proximity to these high-powered businesses, allowing you to rub shoulders with the titans of technology and military defense, without actually moving your whole company and production line to this Colorado town. With a top-notch reputation and quality to match, your company will be hard to beat.


Strikes, Floods, and Traffic, Oh My! Reasons Why Telecommuting Just Makes More Sense

San Francisco BART workers recently went on strike, displacing around 400,000 riders who use the BART metro for their daily commute. Bay Area highways are subsequently clogged, and people are scrambling to find ways to make it to work on time. Telecommuting companies, meanwhile, are enjoying business as usual.

Telecommuting just makes sense for business. Companies can pool from the best talent available, whether the worker lives in town or across the world. And luckily, it’s never been easier to use a remote staff. Companies can use technology such as video conferences and cloud storage to maintain the workflow, and tools like a Davinci Virtual Office Solution to maintain a sturdy reputation.

Businesses can use a Davinci Virtual Office Solution to rent an office address in the city of their choice. The company looks professional and established, even though the work is all done from home.

And telecommuting doesn’t just benefit the business. In fact, remote employees report increased happiness with more life-work balance, and they also tend to remain at companies longer when they have the option to work from home. And of course, telecommuting means working far away from those pesky problems on the road, like strikes, floods, natural disasters, traffic jams, and red lights.


Telecommuters never need to worry about their train, subway, or bus system workers going on strike. Strikes rarely have clear ending dates in sight, making it stressful for commuters to plan ahead. Telecommuters have the luxury of relaxing, knowing all they need is their home office to get business done.

Floods and Natural Disasters

It’s not safe to commute to work during a rain storm, and it’s better to stay home than fight a flash flood, tornado, or hurricane warning. Telecommuting keeps employees safely out of harm’s way and ensures the work is completed for those clients out of the disaster zone.


Of course, the very best reason to telecommute is to avoid the traffic. Telecommuters avoid dealing with traffic, red lights, annoying detours, and unexpected construction zones. The office is the home office, so the commute is only a few steps away and far away from picket signs and traffic jams.