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A Virtual Office in Sunny Boca Raton

Boca Raton, Florida is known for its affluent reputation. Not only does the city inspire ideas of wealth and business, but it’s also a place known for its indulgent vacation activities. This kind of grandeur is the exact kind of reputation businesses, especially ones in the tourism industry, want to be associated with.

With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, businesses can own a Boca Raton address without moving to the actual city itself. A Davinci Virtual Office comes with plenty of business-ready features, including a live receptionist. The live receptionist is a real person who answers calls, processes customer orders, schedules appointments, and takes messages.

Businesses can use their Davinci address for their business cards, websites, and promotional items so customers have the peace of mind of a concrete business location in the heart of Boca Raton instead of an outskirts or out-of-state address. All mail sent to the listed office is forwarded to a location designated by you and all calls are forwarded to any requested phone number. With Davinci, everything is seamless and professional.

The top industries in Boca Raton are mostly related to the vacation industry. This is a good place to have an address, if your business is related to boating, hotels, high-end clothing, or other luxury items. Boca Raton is also heavily connected to the media industry, with a few media companies located within the area as well as a long-known presence on television.

Boca Raton has been referenced by shows like Seinfeld, Mad Men, The Nanny, Back to the Future, All the President’s Men, and Chelsea Lately. The town is often mentioned due to its reputation as a wealthy retirement company with money to burn. A Davinci Virtual Office Solution allows your company to get a piece of this image without the high rent to match.

When it comes to towns full of the rich and famous, it’s all about presence. A Boca Raton address gives companies the presence and image they need to get customer trust and big consumer dollars.


Three Unlikely Perks of Working from Home

The beauty of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is you can work in your PJs and drink straight from the milk carton in the comfort of your home while simultaneously maintaining a professional presence in the city of your choice. Perhaps you have a virtual office address in Los Angeles, New York City, or maybe even London, but no one has to know you’re wearing your bunny slippers under your desk as you send off your deliverables in your home office anywhere in the world.


Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the perks of working from home with a swanky business address elsewhere. Sure, you hear about saving on travel costs and car maintenance, but what other advantages will you experience working remotely?

Children’s Hugs

Sometimes you get stuck at the office late, a meeting runs over, or a deadline pops up out of nowhere. Sadly, it’s easy for your work life to take over your leisure life, pulling you away from quality time you could spend with your kids. When you work from home however, you can give the babysitter the boot and have your children at home with you as you work. Even if your kids are in the next room playing, they can easily provide you with the short breaks you need as they show off their finger paintings or building block constructions.

Puppy Dog Kisses

When you have the chance to work from home, it’s the perfect time to welcome a puppy into your life! Puppies take a lot of hard work and attention, but if you’re at home, you can provide it with the care it needs without having to drive home to take it for a walk every two hours. Walk, feed, and bond with your furry friend while you work in your own personal office. Working remotely allows you to spend more time with your pup without having to worry about finding a dog walker. And as an added bonus, pets have proven to reduce owners’ stress levels.

Brain Food

Working outside of your home opens up the doors to fast food drive-throughs, restaurants, and cafes. Not to mention the temptation of your co-workers’ junk food and lunch date offers. However, when you work at home, you have easy access to all your healthy food and last night’s leftovers. Studies show blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and nuts are brain power food, so you can easily stock up your kitchen with these munchies, just a few feet away from your desk!


Virtual Office Space in the City of Angels

Ah, Los Angeles, the City of Angels. The allure of the palm tree lined city is undeniable to professionals in any business. From models and movie stars to financial advisors and international traders, L.A. is the nation’s most diverse manufacturing center with stakes in the entertainment, media, agricultural, finance, business, and science industries among various others. The bright movie lights of Hollywood and the business district of Downtown attract business professionals to set up shop in one of the many famous districts and live out the Los Angeles lifestyle. What’s not to love about L.A.?

Well, for one, according to the “Los Angeles Times,” a 2013 Inrix report revealed L.A. ranks first place for the worst traffic in the nation. The report also says drivers in the area spent an extra 59 hours stuck in traffic during 2012. And to make matters worse, the freeways in the California city are the most crowded in the U.S. as well. As exciting as Los Angeles may seem, commuting in and out of the city can be nothing short of a nightmare. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is sit in a traffic jam for hours on end.

And the L.A. traffic isn’t the only thing to keep perspective business personnel from signing a lease on office space in the city. Los Angeles is an expensive city to make it in, whether you’re leasing a home, office, or both. In fact, the “Los Angeles Times,” recently reported LA County ranks third for most expensive housing markets in the US. Sure, Los Angeles is a magnificent city to live in, but what if you can’t afford the price of rent, and you don’t want to deal with traffic?

Luckily, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides virtual offices in Los Angeles, where you can acquire a business address in the city without having to physically work there yourself. You can have all your mail sent to the prestigious L.A. address, which is an actual office located in the city. From there, the office will forward your mail to your current location, whether you’re living and working in the outskirts of L.A., across the country in a little town in Virginia, or anywhere else in the world. With Davinci, you earn the Los Angeles reputation, look, and feel, without dealing with traffic or paying overpriced rental estate fees.


Confidence and Stability with a Virtual Office in Germany

Germany is the beacon of calm and prosperity in the current tousle of world-wide financial issues. Germany’s strong economy is partly why other regions of Europe have managed to stay afloat and make turnarounds in their own economies. Business in Germany is a safe bet in terms of confidence and professionalism, which is why a business address in Germany is a great signal to send out in the international business marketplace.

Germany is a hub of international business, largely as an export-orientated economy. From auto engineers, to pharmaceuticals, to electronics, and manufacturing, each industry is known for its precision and skill.

To be a part of this reputation, Davinci offers a Virtual Office Solution. A Davinci Virtual Office allows a company to lease an address in many areas of the world, including Germany. With a virtual office package, companies can use this address on business cards, websites, and other media. All mail sent to the address is forwarded to a desired location, and a live receptionist answers phone calls and forwards it to the proper phone line.

A well-respected address gives investors and customers more confidence in the business, which ultimately results in more earned sales. An address in Germany is a solid place to do business, even if your company is actually located outside of Germany, and you’re simply looking to expand into international markets.

Germany is looked at as a stable country with professionalism and a sense of punctuality. Famous cities like Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt inspire the feeling of business confidence. For instance, Munich is a financial and publishing hub, while Berlin is a center for technology and research, and Frankfurt is a city brimming with commerce, education, and web traffic. This kind of innovation and prosperity is the exact kind of reputation and image a Davinci Virtual Office can give your company at little cost per month.


If you’re looking to crack the international market, an address in Germany is one way to receive instant credibility on the marketplace!


The Post-Lunch Crunch: Healthy Snacks for Working from Home

Working from home is a popular choice, and with tools from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, it’s easy to create a professional office address along with all the perks of an office like a live receptionist and mail forwarding while never having to leave your house.

However, when it comes to working from home, it’s far too easy to snack all day and put on the pounds. The snack drawer looms in the kitchen like a tempting booby trap. Full of sugars and fats, the old snack drawer is a hotbed of yummy treats with detrimental health blows.  Luckily it’s easy to improve the diet while enjoying fulfilling munchies.

Fruit Smoothies

Why grab yet another cup of coffee when you can make yourself a healthy smoothie instead? Just add some strawberries, bananas, mangos, or other fruits into a blender, splash in some milk or yogurt, add some ice cubes, blend, and you have a perfect mid-morning snack between work assignments.


For snacks with a bit of a chew, look into heating up some edamame. Edamame are soy beans which cook in about 5 minutes in boiling water. Just drizzle on a little extra olive oil, roasted garlic, or lemon for taste, and done!

Peanut Butter and Apples

This old-school playground treat is just as yummy in your home office. Slice up some apples and dip into peanut butter for a healthy snack full of crisp crunch and tons of protein.  You’ll be nice and full and ready for a day of conference calls.

Homemade Trail Mix

Instead of picking up stale trail mix from the store, make your own! Just add your favorite nuts, some dried fruit, and just the slightest pinch of dark chocolate to make a fun snack with some variety.

It’s tempting to fall into the routine of greasy chips and bags of candy when you work from home, but with a few simple recipes, it’s easy to eat well and work hard. And while you stay cozy inside your abode, let tools from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions keep up the professional image for clients and business partners on the outside. With a healthy business image and a healthy body and mind, you can’t lose!