7 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs a Virtual Receptionist

A live virtual medical receptionist is like a traditional receptionist that works for a company but from a remote location. They are trained professionals able to handle all incoming calls for your practice and represent your business in the best way possible. A live virtual receptionist can fill the same role as a traditional receptionist in your office, without having to be hired full time.

Here are seven of the many ways a virtual medical receptionist can help your medical practice. 

1. Answer Patient Calls

No matter how many calls are coming in, a virtual medical receptionist is able to manage all of your practice’s calls. They are able to process your calls in a professional way that best represents your practice.

Bilingual receptionists are also available. They provide bilingual services at a fraction of the cost of a telephone translation service. They are able to help provide exceptional customer care for both Spanish and English speaking patients. 

2. Schedule Appointments

A frustrating job that can make or break a medical provider is making sure patients are scheduled at the right time. If they are double-booked or booked too close together, your day becomes overwhelmed with patients and you don’t have enough time to see them all. On the other hand, if there are no patients to meet with, then there is no income to keep the practice open. 

A virtual receptionist for a medical practice is able to solve that problem for you. With access to your calendars and schedule, a virtual medical receptionist is able to make sure your day has patients scheduled at the right times so you can provide the best patient care, while still having a good flow of patients. 

3. Manage Appointment Reminders

A perfectly made schedule with the right balance between patients and office work can mean nothing if patients don’t show up. A live virtual receptionist is able to reach out to your patients and remind them with more than just an automated call about their appointment.

Personal appointment reminders are also a key opportunity to start gathering patient information and fielding basic questions to make the trip to your office or practice more streamlined. With quality appointment reminders, patients will come to your office with the paperwork, personal history, and information they need to make admissions easier and billing smoother. 

4. Fill and Complete Administrative Paperwork

Professionals in the medical field want to help people feel better and live their best life. They want to spend time helping patients, not filling out paperwork and making sure the right box is filled with correct information. Virtual medical receptionists can help with that paperwork. They are able to fill and complete administrative paperwork so the doctors and nurses that are involved have more time to focus on patients instead of paperwork. 

5. Verify Medical Insurance Information

When insurance works right, it can save patients thousands of dollars. When even the smallest mistakes are made it can result in errors that cost thousands of dollars. For most practices, payments from insurance companies are a major source of income. Keeping the doors to your practice open might hinge on insurance information being processed timely and correctly. 

A virtual medical receptionist is HIPAA compliant and is trained in making sure medical insurance information is correct and costly mistakes are avoided. 

6. Manage Prescription Refill Requests

Prescriptions can be life-sustaining treatments for some patients, and not having a filled prescription can harm their life and wellbeing. Often times patients don’t know they need a refill until its too late and they have already run out. A qualified, trained, and professional virtual receptionist can handle those refill requests, and save you unnecessary headaches and stress. 

7. Organize Patient Referrals

Specialists are needed for some patients and it’s important for them to get the care and service they deserve. A virtual receptionist for a medical practice is able to handle and organize patient referrals to other doctors and practices as directed. This gives you more time to work with other patients and improve customer care. 

Davinci is able to help the healthcare industry. When you choose to use a virtual receptionist for your medical practice, you will have access to a trained, HIPAA compliant receptionist that can help you improve your patient relations and satisfaction by providing excellent customer service with a personal professional voice. You can find a plan that works with your practice’s needs, with multiple options and flexible plans to choose from.


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