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Virtual Medical Receptionist and Live Answering Services for Healthcare Professionals

While medical answering services are common, few seem to deliver a true sense of value and customer service. Davinci’s healthcare receptionists can help bring your healthcare service a unique and highly specialized set of answering features. Our specialized, trained team of virtual receptionists will manage your calls and your clients with utmost respect & courtesy.

Hundreds of doctors & dentists trust us for medical answering service needs through our virtual assistant & virtual receptionist solutions. All of our physicians & doctors choose our answering service for our great reviews and friendly & cheerful medical receptionists to assist their patients with setting up appointments, following up with doctors, getting updates to their patients and countless other needs. When you need a virtual medical receptionist, no one gives the same high quality that Davinci Virtual does, as our virtual medical assistants are trained right from day one and continue to train with changes in needs of dentists, doctors & physicians.

Our solution allows you to run a medical virtual office, so you can focus on patient healthcare and we will take care of your secretarial and assistant needs by handling billing, appointments, calls & questions. We also offer virtual office & web chat solutions to further help you help your customers. Call us today to find out how we can solve your problems with our unique medical receptionist solutions for your office & your practice.

How Does a Virtual Medical Receptionist Work?

A virtual medical receptionist is like having a traditional receptionist. However, instead of being a full-time employee working in your office, they work remotely.

Virtual receptionists can be responsible for handling all of the duties of a receptionist. They can answer incoming calls, take messages, transfer calls, make outgoing calls, schedule appointments, and so much more and they do it all from a remote location.

When you first set up your virtual medical receptionist service, you choose a service package. Different packages provide different levels of service from your virtual receptionist to match the specific needs of your office.

What Is a Virtual Medical Receptionist?

A virtual medical receptionist is a remote worker that can virtually accept and schedule appointments from patients and perform other duties a receptionist is typically responsible for.

We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to healthcare offices, which is why each virtual medical receptionist is trained to fit the unique needs and style of your medical office or practice. With a virtual receptionist you’ll never miss a call again. You’ll know your patients will always be greeted by a friendly professional receptionist every time they call your office.

What Are the Benefits of Bringing in a Virtual Medical Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist can help manage and schedule the intake process and other basic customer care and service opportunities, giving the doctor, physician, or other healthcare professional more time to focus on treating patients. By reducing healthcare professionals’ administrative work, medical virtual receptionists help ensure each patient receives the best treatment possible.

Hiring a full-time receptionist can be expensive, and then there are all of the hidden costs of making sure they have all the necessary technology. Virtual receptionists are a better, more cost-effective solution. A virtual receptionist will provide a friendly, confident, professional voice for any healthcare office, building and improving your practice’s reputation for amazing service.

Can a Medical Office Use a Virtual Receptionist?

Yes, a medical office can use a virtual receptionist. Our customer records and personal information are safeguarded. We know how critical it is to make sure patient information is handled appropriately and securely.

Additionally, medical reception services are closely monitored for their performance to ensure the best levels of customer care and service.