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The Perfect Balance Between in Office and a Virtual Office

The digital nature of today’s business environment makes running a company easier than ever. But it also means owners face a wider array of complex decisions about employees. From virtual staffing to giving employees the option of working remotely, there are numerous ways to increase productivity through technology. The key is finding the perfect balance between in-office and virtual office work. 

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25 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can be a huge benefit to small businesses that often are inundated with administrative tasks and responsibilities. Hiring full-time or even contractor is often beyond the financial reach of a small business.

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Need Help Answering Your Business Phone? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

It may not be apparent, but your business may be suffering (and you may be losing patience) due to your dependence on your phone. Here’s how we can help.

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7 Ways a Live Receptionist Can Improve Your Workday

Entrepreneurs have hectic schedules as they go from meeting to meeting and project to project. You often snicker to yourself when someone responds after you tell them what you do, “You work for yourself. It must be nice.”

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The Pros of a Virtual Receptionist

When you think of a receptionist, pop culture images like Peggy Olson from Mad Men or Pam Beesley from The Office may come to mind. But in the digital age—and the age of alternative office space—a new breed of receptionists are rising to take the load off without all the drama.

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