What Is Call Routing and How Can It Help Your Business

If you travel frequently while trying to run a business, it can be an amazing experience being able to call the world your office, but it can be difficult at the same time. Your customers, coworkers, investors, or clients can find it hard to get in touch with you as you travel, which can hurt your company’s growth and development. 

While you might know that you’ll be on the east coast one week dealing with investors and then five time zones away next week negotiating deals for your supply chain needs, how is anyone supposed to know how to reach you? One solution that some use is making their personal cell phones their business phone. While there are benefits to always being connected to your company, you should be able to have personal time for your own life. 

A much better solution growing in popularity is call routing. Call routing is a way for you to manage and control the calls that come to your company no matter where you are in the world or what time it is. It gives you the chance to be connected to your company without being tied down to your desk waiting for calls to come in.

Benefits of Call Routing

Still unsure whether call answering services are right for your business? Using a call routing system can benefit your company in a variety of different ways. Here are some of the best reasons to consider switching to using a call routing system.


Call routing can let you customize your company’s phone process to match what you need. If you need a branching routing option to reach multiple employees of your company no matter where you are in the world, it can do that. If you just need a reliable way for customers and clients to leave messages when you’re not on the clock, call routing can do that too. 


A call routing system gives you the freedom to work in different locations and still be reached through one number. No matter if you’re on the west coast, east coast, or even out of the country, call routing gives you the ability to be reached no matter where you are or which phone you’re using. 

24/7 Support

Not only can you direct calls to wherever you are, you can even build your own custom call forwarding schedule. If you are busy or a call is made after hours, a call routing program can take information for you and schedule a callback appointment. This can free you up from being attached to your phone at all hours of the day, and give you the comfort knowing that important information will be waiting for you when you return to work. 

Improved Customer Service

With a call routing service in place, you can improve the customer experience with your company. Rather than being put on hold or in endless loops of machines where they feel unheard and unwanted, call routing gives your customers the ability to feel heard and listened to. This personal connection to your customers can help increase first-call resolutions, which adds to your customer satisfaction and reduces the amount of callbacks.


By choosing to use a call answering service, you can add value and quality to your company, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Having a call answering system in place is more affordable than hiring a live agent to answer the phone, keep notes, schedule appointments, and transfer calls for your company, and it works around the clock. 

Virtual Live Receptionist Service

Davinci offers a live receptionist service that has a variety of plans for every company. No matter what your business’s needs are, we are able to provide a personal touch to every call that comes in that represents your company the way you want. 

Our live receptionist service doesn’t stop at answering calls and routing. Once you find a plan that is best for you, we can help you with everything from automated routing and transferring, messaging systems, and even appointment scheduling. 

By choosing Davinci’s call answering and call routing services, you put a professional voice and interface as the introduction to your company when dealing with your customers, investors, and clients without having to hire a full-time receptionist. Learn more about our live receptionist services and how it can help add a friendly, warm, and personal voice to your company. 


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