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“What Did You Say?” Tips for Active Listening on the Job

Listening. It’s a skill we learned to use and hone in on way back in kindergarten, but sadly, it’s not something we’ve all mastered. In college, it may have been your philosophy professor whose lectures put you to sleep. Now, years later, it might be a three-hour conference call, which tests your attentive listening skills or perhaps an extensive sales pitch in a meeting room. For those times you’re having trouble paying attention on the job, follow these few tips for successful listening:

Show Interest

One of the best ways to actively listen is to set yourself up for success. When you’re on a video conferencing call from your home office, face the speaker on the screen, maintain eye contact, and nod or agree at appropriate times. Adding in short commentary, such as “Interesting,” or “Is that so?” may also help to keep you actively engaged.


Whether it’s a presentation or a conference call, slow down and listen specifically to the words the speaker is saying. Refrain from formulating a rebuttal or getting stuck on one point of the presentation, which will only further distract you. Additionally, don’t allow yourself to fiddle with your pen or doodle in your notepad. The more engaged you are at watching the speaker, the more likely you are to key in on what he or she is presenting.

Don’t Interrupt

There’s only a few things more unprofessional than interrupting a potential client or cutting off your boss during a video conference call. Interrupting gives off the impression you may not care to listen to their point of view and your opinions or views are more important. Not to mention, when you’re focused on interjecting your voice into the conversation or presentation, you’re probably not listening. Make a mental – or even physical - note of what you’d like to convey once the speaker has finished, and remain engaged with your ears open until it is your turn to speak.

Sometimes when you’re not physically in the room with your clients, business partners, or fellow coworkers, it can be tough to remain actively engaged, especially if the meeting or call runs for hours on end. For listening success whether you’re meeting in the same room or remotely, remember what it feels like to be on the other side; a speaker presenting to a yawning audience.


Expanding Your Business in the Crossroads of America

DVO_week31_1The Midwestern state of Indiana is known for its immense manufacturing industry, which makes up a large percentage of the state’s income. While the state relies heavily on steel, medical devices, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Indiana features a variety of dense metropolitan areas with an assortment of attractive business opportunities. The Crossroads of America provides several Davinci Virtual Offices ideal for businesses located on the outskirts of the cities or elsewhere in the world.


Virtual offices in Indiana cities, such as Carmel, South Bend, and Indianapolis are prime locations for companies to find professional addresses. Perhaps your business is located in a rural area outside of Indianapolis, but you want your customers and clients to associate your business with the big-time feel of the state’s capital. With a virtual office, you can maintain your business in the small town outside of the capital, but obtain a virtual address in the heart of Indianapolis. This Indianapolis virtual address lets your company reap all the benefits of a big city business address without the high costs of paying rent in the city.


Moving your company to a prominent city can be a pricey endeavour especially if you’re moving simply for the sake of acquiring a specific business address. After taking into account the cost of moving trucks, office space, and overhead, a city move could very well be outside of your company’s budget. But if the business address is solely what your company is in search of, then a virtual office provides a much cheaper option than moving. A virtual office in Indiana allows you to associate your business with a real business address in a city for a small monthly fee, without paying additional costs for the physical location.


A virtual office lets the business you currently run out of your basement in a small Indiana town acquire a business address in a big Indiana city. Place the Indiana city address on your business cards, websites, and correspondence for a bigger, better reputation. A virtual office provides you with an impressive image, a city business address, mail forwarding options, and even directory listing and receptionist options.

Striking Gold with a Nevada Business Address

DVO_week30_3Red dust and cowboy boots are firmly stuck in the image of Nevada. As a member of the Old West, Nevada is located mostly in desert country, and this hard nature of bootstraps and grit is certainly true of the Silver State today.

An address in Nevada gives any business the reputation of hard work with a hint of glamour. Nevada is best known for Las Vegas and all of the tourist and entertainment enterprises to go along with it. A Nevada address near The Strip is a fantastic way for casino-minded businesses to stand out from the competition.

However, Nevada has other industries supporting this Western state. Mining and cattle ranching are the two biggest industries outside of the tourist areas. Gold is the most popular mineral mined in Nevada and makes up about 8% of the world’s gold production. Silver is the second most popular mineral mined in Nevada, and is also the inspiration for the Silver State’s nickname. Businesses in the mining, supply, and construction industries all want a piece of a Nevada area code and reputation.

Luckily, it’s easy to obtain an address in Nevada without physically renting out a whole office.  Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides a company with a well-established Nevada address without the hassle of renting an office and the supplies to go with it.

A Davinici Virtual Office not only provides an address, but Davinci also offers a forwarding mail service and a live receptionist who answers and forwards phone calls. Combined, this gives a company’s customers the impression of a steadfast address and business model.

Virtual offices are a good fit for small operations or mobile ones which don’t need a permanent office. This saves a business tons of money each month as they avoid the cost of utilities, supplies, and in-house workers.  Businesses are able to balance the reputation of a good address with the savings of utilizing a remote staff in a different location.

Nevada is a rugged and true kind of place well suited for businesses looking to gain an edge on the market. With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, it is easier than ever before.

Three Signs Your Business May Need a Live Receptionist

It’s tricky starting a business and staying on top of all of the necessary components of building a successful company. Between pulling all-nighters, managing accounts, and scouting new clients and customers, there’s no doubt that a few calls and important messages fell through the cracks when you were single-handedly juggling all of your tasks. But let’s face it, a forgotten conference call here, and a lost voicemail there, negatively impacts the growth and success of your business. It’s probably time to hire a Davinci Live Receptionist.

1. Your business frequently loses track of important incoming calls and messages

If you’re drowning in your company’s incoming phone calls, it might be time you looked into hiring a live receptionist. A Davinci Live Receptionist will take care of your overwhelming inbound traffic while transferring your calls and taking voicemails according to your individual instructions. Not only do live receptionists assist you with the phone management your company desperately needs, but they also provide a professional first impression to your business.

2. The price of an in-house receptionist is outside of your current budget

Once you’ve accepted the fact your business can greatly benefit from a receptionist, realize you can employ a remote live assistant at much lower prices than hiring an in-house secretary. With an in-house receptionist, you may face a variety of costs, such as the rent of the office space; office supplies, including a computer, desk, phone, and Internet service; and let’s not forget the assistant’s healthcare and insurance.

These costs quickly add up, but with a Davinci Live Receptionist, you only pay a low monthly fee, without the added stress of providing a physical office setting with supplies and healthcare benefits. This once-a-month fee is significantly lower than hiring a personal in-house receptionist on your company’s own tab, so you can put the money you save back into expanding your business.

3. All of your employees work remotely

If your company already runs on a remote-based setup, then a live receptionist will effortlessly integrate into your current business setup. A virtual assistant provides your business with the opportunity to set up shop anywhere you choose while maintaining a professional and competent phone-answering service.


How Virtual Offices Fit Right into a Telecommuting World

DVO_week30_2While we’re not at the level of holograms just yet, telecommuting is certainly a widely used and growing tool with businesses today. Studies have found a huge increase in productivity when employees work from home, and more people activity seek out jobs with better life and work balance.


Still, it’s sometimes difficult to gain a steadfast business reputation when your business address is your house. This is where a Davinci Virtual Office comes in and perfectly strikes the balance of telecommuting from home and the glitz of a prestigious office.


A Davinci Virtual Office provides a telecommuting business with an address to call home. Businesses can list this address on their business cards and website, and all mail delivered to the address will be forwarded to the telecommuter’s chosen address. In addition to this, a live secretary will answer company phone calls and either forward the call or take a message, if the employee is unavailable.


Just because a business uses a remote workforce doesn’t mean the business should miss out on the clout of physical address in a permanent location. With a Davinci Virtual Office, a remote business can rent an address anywhere in the US, from San Francisco to New York, from Memphis to North Dakota, and as far away as Alaska and Florida. These businesses often have a wide range of choices so they can choose an address in the industrious, business, or chic area of the town of their choice.


When it comes right down to it, telecommuting makes a ton of sense in today’s marketplace. Business owners can save money on overhead, utilities, and monthly rent on a large space to fit everyone. Telecommuting also saves owners from investing in desks, computers, and phones for each individual employee. This is a great way to save some money without sacrificing quality.


A virtual address is an excellent thing to add to any business card or company website to make the telecommuting business appear a little more established to clients or customers wary of a remote staff.


It’s a telecommuting world out there. Businesses should have the option to utilize a cheaper business plan without losing the reputation from a prestigious business address. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions gives businesses the best of these options so companies can remain on the cutting edge without cutting costs.