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Heart of a Tiger with a Singapore Virtual Office

Singapore joins Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea as one of the Four Asian Tigers, which refer to the leading high-income economies and global powerhouses. Singapore ranks highly in the business world, as it is not only regarded as a world-leading international financial center, but it is also the second freest economy in the world. With a reputation fierce enough to be given the title of Asian Tiger, Singapore offers a prime location to build a business reputation of your own.

As enticing as Singapore may seem, uprooting your company and relocating it to this chunk of business paradise in Southeast Asia may not be in the financial cards for your business right now. The price tag associated with finding real estate for your home and your business, along with the price of relocating all your employees, not to mention airplane tickets and moving companies, could significantly cost you. But what if there was a way to receive a business address in Singapore without physically moving your entire business halfway across the world?

Well, fortunately, there is a way. With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, you can acquire a business address in a city in Singapore without having to ever step foot on the Asian island. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions features mail forwarding to anywhere in the world, a live receptionist and an even the option of a lobby directory listing to further appear as though your business is physically located in Singapore.

A virtual office solution will impress your business associates, clients, and consumers. Whether it’s the global presence you’re looking to impose or an association with the success of Singapore, you can achieve these reputations with a virtual office. Remain in the comfort of your current location, regardless of where it may be, and enjoy the benefits of expanding your company address in Singapore.


The Top Five FAQs About Live Receptionists

There are some common office sights in the midst of a modern twist. The old coffee pot is now an espresso machine, the snacks in the office are now fresh fruit and veggies instead of powdered donuts, and the receptionist behind the desk is now a live telecommuter at half the cost of an in-house employee.

Still, not everyone is yet familiar with live secretarial service, so we’ve answered the top five most commonly asked questions about live receptionists:

1. Is a Live Receptionist a Real Person?

Yes, a live receptionist is a real person. The receptionist provides a friendly human voice and greeting to all incoming phone calls. The receptionist also provides personal replies to all email inquiries. He or she is located at an off-site location.

2. What Comes with Live Receptionist Service?

A Davinci Live Receptionist answers phone calls, emails, and customer questions. She is the liaison between customer inquiries and the busy business owners and company employees. The live receptionist provides information relevant to the local area the customer is calling from.

3. Why Should I Choose a Live Receptionist?

A live receptionist provides a professional feel without the high cost of an additional in-house worker. The receptionist is the first impression for callers, so it's crucial for a small business to have a warm and friendly voice greeting potential clients. It also gives customers the impression of a bigger, more established company since the company has a receptionist instead of a machine. For instance, an independent electrician or a web designer can use a live receptionist to take their calls and arrange their appointments so they appear like bigger businesses rather than a one-man or one-woman enterprise.

4. Is a Live Receptionist the Right Choice for My Business?

A live receptionist is a good choice for businesses wanting to curb the costs of an additional in-house worker. A live receptionist is also a good fit for a start-up or a small business looking to add the extra level of professionalism to callers while saving money with a remote worker instead of an in-house worker.

5. Can I Use a Live Receptionist if My Company is Overseas?

Yes, a live receptionist is a good choice for an international company looking to establish local presence in overseas markets. Companies can have local phone numbers for all locations. Live receptionists are a modern answer to an old-school problem. The phone is ringing; your Davinci Live Receptionist is ready to take the call.


Come in First in the First State of Delaware

Delaware is no stranger to coming in first place. As the very first state in the union, Delaware sends the signal of readiness for all new things.

Although Delaware is the union’s second smallest state, it’s the ninth wealthiest state in terms of personal income. The military, banking, pharmaceuticals, technology, and healthcare make up the big industries of Delaware.

The eastern state retains a sense of pride as one of the original 13 colonies, and the feeling of patriotism is still true today. This reputation of the American Dream is a good reputation for any business to become a part of—especially a start-up.

So how can a start-up come in first in 2013? It’s all about reputation and hard work. The biggest issue a start-up faces is simply convincing customers to buy its product or service. Now, what’s to separate a start-up from a well-known, established business? This is when strategies like virtual offices come into play.

A Davinci Virtual Office allows a company such as a telecommuting start-up to use an address in a sought-after location without the actual use and cost of office space.  Any mail delivered to the Davinci address will be forwarded to an alternate desired location, while a live receptionist will answer any phone calls and provide a professional voice to represent the start-up. This creates more customer ease about the start-up, and gives customers the confidence to spend money with the business.

A Delaware virtual address gives off a sense of established American traditions.  With a Davinci Virtual Office, businesses can use this address for business cards, licensing, and their website. This gives the start-up a more grounded impression for potential clients. Customers will see a sturdy address and hear a friendly voice and might give the start-up more of a chance than a start-up without these features.

When it comes to being first, having a virtual office in the first state can make a difference between a start-up worth paying attention to and a start-up still trying to catch up.


“What Did You Say?” Tips for Active Listening on the Job

Listening. It’s a skill we learned to use and hone in on way back in kindergarten, but sadly, it’s not something we’ve all mastered. In college, it may have been your philosophy professor whose lectures put you to sleep. Now, years later, it might be a three-hour conference call, which tests your attentive listening skills or perhaps an extensive sales pitch in a meeting room. For those times you’re having trouble paying attention on the job, follow these few tips for successful listening:

Show Interest

One of the best ways to actively listen is to set yourself up for success. When you’re on a video conferencing call from your home office, face the speaker on the screen, maintain eye contact, and nod or agree at appropriate times. Adding in short commentary, such as “Interesting,” or “Is that so?” may also help to keep you actively engaged.


Whether it’s a presentation or a conference call, slow down and listen specifically to the words the speaker is saying. Refrain from formulating a rebuttal or getting stuck on one point of the presentation, which will only further distract you. Additionally, don’t allow yourself to fiddle with your pen or doodle in your notepad. The more engaged you are at watching the speaker, the more likely you are to key in on what he or she is presenting.

Don’t Interrupt

There’s only a few things more unprofessional than interrupting a potential client or cutting off your boss during a video conference call. Interrupting gives off the impression you may not care to listen to their point of view and your opinions or views are more important. Not to mention, when you’re focused on interjecting your voice into the conversation or presentation, you’re probably not listening. Make a mental – or even physical - note of what you’d like to convey once the speaker has finished, and remain engaged with your ears open until it is your turn to speak.

Sometimes when you’re not physically in the room with your clients, business partners, or fellow coworkers, it can be tough to remain actively engaged, especially if the meeting or call runs for hours on end. For listening success whether you’re meeting in the same room or remotely, remember what it feels like to be on the other side; a speaker presenting to a yawning audience.


Expanding Your Business in the Crossroads of America

The Midwestern state of Indiana is known for its immense manufacturing industry, which makes up a large percentage of the state’s income. While the state relies heavily on steel, medical devices, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Indiana features a variety of dense metropolitan areas with an assortment of attractive business opportunities. The Crossroads of America provides several Davinci Virtual Offices ideal for businesses located on the outskirts of the cities or elsewhere in the world.


Virtual offices in Indiana cities, such as Carmel, South Bend, and Indianapolis are prime locations for companies to find professional addresses. Perhaps your business is located in a rural area outside of Indianapolis, but you want your customers and clients to associate your business with the big-time feel of the state’s capital. With a virtual office, you can maintain your business in the small town outside of the capital, but obtain a virtual address in the heart of Indianapolis. This Indianapolis virtual address lets your company reap all the benefits of a big city business address without the high costs of paying rent in the city.


Moving your company to a prominent city can be a pricey endeavour especially if you’re moving simply for the sake of acquiring a specific business address. After taking into account the cost of moving trucks, office space, and overhead, a city move could very well be outside of your company’s budget. But if the business address is solely what your company is in search of, then a virtual office provides a much cheaper option than moving. A virtual office in Indiana allows you to associate your business with a real business address in a city for a small monthly fee, without paying additional costs for the physical location.


A virtual office lets the business you currently run out of your basement in a small Indiana town acquire a business address in a big Indiana city. Place the Indiana city address on your business cards, websites, and correspondence for a bigger, better reputation. A virtual office provides you with an impressive image, a city business address, mail forwarding options, and even directory listing and receptionist options.