How Virtual Offices Help Remote & Distributed Teams

Remote working teams or distributed teams, defined as employees working together remotely from different locations rather than as a centralized team in one physical place, are on the rise and quickly becoming the norm. There are a few reasons for this. 

First, today’s labor market is very competitive. Employees have a high need and desire for greater schedule and location flexibility. Second, businesses need to boast high agility across different market segments and time zones if they are going to survive. Third, technology and the embracing of it makes it easier than ever before to get work done outside of a traditional office. 

The strengths of a distributed team arrangement are plenty, including higher recruitment rates from top talent, greater productivity from self-motivated employees, the ability to work with customers across all time zones, and cost savings on an office lease. 

However, with this arrangement comes a few pain points, namely:

• The chance of collaboration efforts to diminish over time. This is because physical separation can keep coworker bonding at bay, causing employees to develop a “me versus them” mentality.

• Challenges that come from a lack of coherent communication and transfer of knowledge. By not coming together regularly, it can be all too easy to lose track of or omit information that should be passed on to others. Meeting face-to-face also has the tendency to add a level of commitment to and accountability of individual effort.

• A disconnect between effort put in and recognition received. Individual workers on remote working teams often send in their piece of the business puzzle but are all too often left in the dark regarding the end product or results to which they contributed. This can leave them feeling unacknowledged and underappreciated.

• A lack of credibility granted by potential clients. If a client knows they will be working with a remote team, they may question the legitimacy of the business and the quality of work that will be delivered.  

A Solution to Pain Points 

Virtual offices have become the go-to cure for the pain points felt by working with distributed teams. 

A virtual office can help virtual teams overcome obstacles from a perceived lack of company credibility. When done right, however, the benefits of a virtual office move beyond just solving this top problem. 

The benefits of virtual offices also include the following:

• More mobility for you because you aren’t tied down to a physical address. You can have a more flexible work schedule and work from anywhere around the world. Whether you are away on business or for pleasure, you don’t have to worry about staying in one place permanently. 

• The costs compared to traditional office space are much lower, allowing businesses to invest that saved money straight back into their own company.

• For meetings both in-person and digital, you are provided with a professional setting where employees can concentrate and collaborate. Clients will enjoy the quality space and be left with a respectable impression.

Talent attraction and retention becomes easier when your company offers a flexible location and workspace, as this is one thing almost everyone in the workforce desires.  


If you’re convinced that virtual office space is just what your remote team needs to gain collaboration, connection, communication, and credibility, Davinci can help. 

We can offer you:

Virtual office addresses at prestigious locations that give your image a boost and help you gain market presence where you need it most. You can even get your business name listed on the lobby directory of the office building but have your mail forwarded directly to you.

• Virtual auto receptionist services, live web chat services, live receptionists, and lobby greeters who can route incoming calls, answer emails, direct visitors, and more. 

• On-demand quiet, professional spaces all over the world where you can work either alone or as a team and where you can hold interviews, trainings, and meetings. Spaces are available for an hour or for many days at a time.

• Lowered costs because you won’t require a lease, utilities, furniture, or administrative salaries.

If you’re ready to unify your remote working team, learn more about getting a virtual office through Davinci! 


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